In the search of the pink waters.

We drive more than two hours looking for what seems to be more like a myth than something real. In summer, the sun of Merida is unbearable, still I wanted to make sure the pictures on the internet showing natural pink waters. Mostly of them look like a poor color effect made in Photoshop, however some others seem to be real.

We pass through Progreso, a small fishing town in Yucatan. The road drawn on the map we were following was an infinite straight line which from one side show us the ocean, calm at this time of the year but immense and absolute as always. On the other side, an endless swamp that in another time not so far away was flooded of those long birds with elegant way of walk. Casually those birds are the same color as the water I was looking for. Today, from that gigantic flock there are just sporadic pink brush strokes that adorn occasionally the eternal landscape…

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