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Full House for RioDeFi Night at Impact NFT exhibition

Rfuel’s first year anniversary celebrated in epic fashion

From October 15–24, 2021, The Impact NFT Exhibition was being held at Soho House, Hong Kong.

It was Asia’s first art exhibition that demonstrated how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be a force for good.

The art show was organized by the Sovereign Art Foundation and Project Ark, a blockchain platform built by Panda Labs, the innovation arm of WWF (also known as the World Wildlife Fund), and Hong Kong technology company Carbonbase, which helps companies and individuals lower their carbon footprints.

The exhibition featured NFT art created for charity projects devoted to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

RioDeFi was one of the supporters of this impressive event, which was attended by more than 1500 individuals and it was also promoted by our partner — decentralized finance platform MANTRA DAO.

About RioDeFi Night

RioDeFi Night was held on October 16 and we were very pleased to meet like-minded people in the DeFi, crypto and NFT spaces.

James Anderson, CEO & Co-founder of our company, opened the show and spoke about the RioDeFi ecosystem, and how it supports new, hot NFT projects.

The panel discussion “NFT impact on social enterprises” brought together keynote speakers Joshua Galloway, CEO & Founder of Lepricon and Lily Leung, Co-founder of Going Ape, whose tremendous speeches attracted a lot of attention from the crowd who wanted to gain insight into their great crypto and NFT experience.

“The ImpactNFT Exhibition is spotlighting projects merging art and technology to change the face of sustainability forever. RioDeFis night was a great success and everyone was present just for one: NFT. Great event, different from the usual! Happy to see that RioDeFi is moving in a great direction”, said William Parbina-Soto III from SMO Capital.

The seminar was followed by a lucky draw and two hours of networking.

The same day we celebrated RioDeFi’s two-year anniversary. It was a wonderful opportunity and real honor to meet our supporters in person. We want to thank everybody who came that night from our community. It was a great pleasure to connect with you and we look forward to organizing more similar events in the future.

Evening programs included Marketing Night and Women in the Know Night where the speakers were explaining how ImpactNFTs can create a new path to carbon neutrality at the intersection of code, community, and conservation.

About Marketing Night

The “Marketing night’s” panel discussion brought together a number of Blockchain and sustainability experts — Jenny Zhang, Candice Burin and Stephane Laurent Villedieu. Together they shed light on a number of issues raised by the rapid adoption of NFTs. They especially addressed the disruptive potential of NFTs in the field of gaming, corporate governance, intellectual property, and community building. The speakers also addressed NFTs’ role in the emergence of the Metaverse.

“The world already knows that blockchain technology is a decentralized infrastructure for a more transparent, secure, and efficient financial system. At RioDeFi we firmly believe that it is also an enabler of yet to be explored applications that will have a profound social impact. We are honored to join the ImpactNFT Exhibition,” said RioDeFi’s Chief Marketing Officer Stephane Laurent Villedieu.

Women In The Know Night

We were pleased to be invited to the “Women In The Know Night”, where Katerina Volkova, VP & Co-Founder of RioDeFi, Ophelia Jacarini, exhibiting Artist for SCMP and Lily Leung, Co-founder of “Going Ape” discussed the potential for NFT and its social impact.

It was great to hear the inside stories from female founders in the Crypto space on how NFTs are creating synergies between artistic creativity, tokenization technology, and impact.

“NFT is the new hype that has great potential. I remember it started a while ago but wasn’t that popular and now we see such a breakthrough: the creation of ERC-1155 token, lots of market places, metaverses, vast implementation in GameFi, DeFi and even real business sectors”, said Katerina Volkova, VP & Co-founder of RioDeFi.

One attendee one tree

RioDeFi’s involvement in the Impact NFT exhibition was marked by our collaboration with Handprint over the “One Attendee One tree” initiative. By participating in this event guests were helping the reforestation of the world.

In the long term, RioDeFi and Handprint are to develop joint initiatives dedicated to Blockchain applications for social impact.

For more information about this initiative please visit RioDeFi’s account on the Handprint portal at

Save the bees

One more humanitarian initiative was organized during “RioDeFi Night”.

In a gesture of goodwill, RioDeFi’s artist Rasko Relic, who exhibited his two paintings and made two NFTs for this event, is going to donate 10% of the money from the sale of each artwork and NFT to a charity organization that helps bees.

“It was a great pleasure and honor to exhibit my artwork next to these amazing digital arts displayed at Soho House. RioDeFi Night was very well organized, with very informative and quality content!” said artist Rasko Relic.

Please, visit to find out more about this non-profit organization.

As a result of this event, it’s clear that NFT has a very high impact on our society nowadays.

It has been a pleasure to sponsor the “Impact NFT exhibition” and we look forward to our future work together. Stay tuned for more news.



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