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How to convert RFUEL ERC-20 tokens to BEP-20 tokens — Step by Step Guide


  1. How to convert your RFUEL from ERC20 to BEP 20
  2. How to move your RFUEL BEP20 tokens into RioWallet Web
  3. How to stake & earn on RioWallet Web
  4. RioWallet staking/claim/exit guide


RioDeFi’s cross-chain bridge to Binance Smart Chain opens ERC-20 RFUEL tokens to Binance Smart Chain’s protocols and liquidity. In doing so, it expands RFUEL’s multichain utility.

Objective: On completion of this tutorial, you will be able to swap your RFUEL ERC-20 token to RFUEL BEP-20 tokens.

Who this is for: RFUEL ERC-20 token holders


Make sure you have completed the following checklist before starting the cross-chain swap

Token Preparation

Make sure you have the following assets prepared

  1. RFUEL ERC-20 tokens you want to move into Binance Smart Chain
  2. ETH for gas fees (roughly USD $30–60 depending on the gas cost and transaction priority)
  3. Metamask extension

Swap Fees

There will be 2 fees incurred when converting your RFUEL from a ERC-20 to BEP-20 token

  1. ETH gas to send ERC-20 to PolyNetwork ETH wallet
  2. PolyNetwork cross-chain fee to send RFUEL from ETH to BSC (This fee is included in the total ETH gas fee)

Metamask Preparation

1. Add RFUEL token on Ethereum chain

RFuel ERC 20 smart contract address: 0xaf9f549774ecedbd0966c52f250acc548d3f36e5

2. Add RFUEL token in Binance Smart Chain

RFuel BEP-20 smart contract address: 0x69a1913d334b524ea1632461c78797c837ca9fa6

For instructions on how to add the RFUEL token into Metamask, read here and/or here

For instructions on how to add Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask, read here


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Connect your metamask ETHEREUM account to Once connected you will see your RFUEL tokens. If you do not, please read here and/or here on how to add your RFUEL token to Metamask

Step 3: In the ASSETS dropdown, select RFUEL

Step 4: Select Ethereum Network as your starting chain and BSC Network as your destination chain.

Step 5: In the AMOUNT field, enter the amount of RFUEL you want to swap from ERC-20 to BEP-20.

Click CONNECT WALLET once done

Step 6: On the CONFIRMATION pop up you will see a summary of your transaction.

Highlighted in the green box is the summary of your transaction

Highlighted in the red box is the service fee for using by Poly.Network for this swap

In this example, we are swapping 400 RFUEL from ERC-20 to BEP-20

Click CONFIRM when ready

Step 7: You will be taken to your Metamask account

Highlighted in red is the gas fee charged by Etheruem for this swap. To get the most updated ETH gas costs, visit gas cost.

IMPORTANT Please note you will need to have this amount in ETH in your Metamask account to process this transaction.

Click CONFIRM when ready

Step 8: Double Confirmation of Processed Transaction

Confirmation 1 — on Poly.Network

Once your transaction is processed, you can verify it by clicking on HISTORY in Poly.Network

In this case, the last transaction shows Poly.Network has successfully processed our 400 RFUEL transaction from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

Confirmation 2 — on Metamask


The 400 RFUEL should now appear in your BSC balance



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