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RioDefi Announces Cinchblock as Official Marketing Partner

We are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Cinchblock, one of the world’s top blockchain marketing agencies.

Cinchblock’s experience and in-depth expertise have helped drive the success of many high-profile blockchain projects such as Refinable. We are confident that this partnership will bolster RioDeFi’s promotional activities and bring forward new opportunities to further enrich, expand, and enhance our community and RioDeFi stakeholders.

Working Together

Cinchblock is a comprehensive blockchain marketing platform with a particular focus on influencer marketing and viral marketing.

Through this collaboration, Cinchblock will be helping us in a variety of marketing fields, using their vast team of industry experts and innovative practices to advance our community growth, social media presence, promotional activities, and much more.

We see this partnership as an essential component of the marketing apparatus that will support the long-term growth of RioDeFi’s ecosystem. Cinchblock will be promoting our organization on all fronts and across diverse markets, an essential characteristic for success.

About RioDeFi

RioDeFi is a blockchain technology company that aims at bridging the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. RioDeFi’s key technology is RioChain, a digital infrastructure that is designed to support high-performance financial applications.

RioChain is built on Parity Substrate, which enables cross-chain interoperability. This means it can interact with assets of other blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Find out about the latest development of RioChain on RioDeFi’s channels:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | LinkedIn| Reddit | Medium

About Cinchblock

Cinchblock is a global blockchain marketing firm working to bring the best and most innovative distributed ledger projects to market. With an international team including scores of industry experts, Cinchblock focuses on community growth, platform promotion, social media, partnership establishment, and more to add the maximum amount of value to a project. Through Cinchblock’s many collaborations, they have established themselves as one of the top global players in the blockchain marketing industry.



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