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RioDeFi announces the integration of dYdX into RioWallet

RioDeFi is very pleased to announce that we have integrated dYdX into our RioWallet.

dYdX is a revolutionary decentralized exchange that currently supports perpetual contracts, margin trading and spot trading, as well as lending and borrowing.

The integration of dXdy is part of RioDeFi’s efforts to make available the most popular dApps in one single wallet.

dYdX runs on smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to trade with no intermediaries.

This integration is a massive addition to RioWallet as dYdX is quickly establishing itself as one of the fastest and most powerful decentralized exchanges ever.

Unlike many other Dexes out there whose user experience is hurt by network congestion and high gas fees, once our users deposit to DYDX’s Starkware Layer 2 solution, they will no longer pay fees to miners for each transaction.

Trades are executed instantly and confirmed on the blockchain within hours. Also unlike most other decentralized platforms, there is no wait required to withdraw your funds from Layer 2.

Plenty more coming so stay tuned!

Update RioWallet to the latest version to take advantage of the new integration:

About dYdX

dYdX is the most powerful open trading platform for crypto assets. It is a decentralized exchange built on the Starkware layer 2 network that features an order book architecture in contrast to automated market makers such as Uniswap or SushiSwap.

Users can trade in spot, perpetual futures and margin markets on multiple trading pairs.

The dYdX token is a governance and utility token. This decentralized exchange can be used to vote on governance proposals, and it also confers trading fee and market-making fee reductions proportional to dYdX holdings.

To find out more about dYdX please visit

About RioDeFi

RioDeFi is a blockchain technology company and our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional (centralized) and decentralized finance. Our vision is a world in which everyone has access to decentralized financial services.

We develop solutions that connect banking institutions with blockchain systems. Our applications enable lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, more efficiency, better returns for savings account holders, and global reach.

“Rio” is the word for river in Spanish, and to us it represents the ideas of liquidity and flow. We believe that money is energy in a liquid, spendable form, so Rio represents these flows of wealth.

RioDeFi is dedicated to bringing transparency and inclusion to the world of finance.

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To learn more about dYdX, please visit:








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