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RioDeFi is joining the world of PolkaPets!

RioDeFi is excited to join the world of PolkaPets with our own unique PolkaPet NFT.

PolkaPets will be the first-ever digital collectible card game that features Polkadot projects in an interactive and immersive gameplay. It is our answer to making blockchain more interactive for community members.

PolkaPets are NFT Collectible Cards where each PolkaPet, embodied as an artistic creature, represents a specific project within the PolkaPet ecosystem. The abilities, behaviors, and strengths of this creature are connected to the specific vision of the Polkadot project of which that creature represents.

And we are excited to announce the launch of our own PolkaPet, Rio.

Introducing Rio, the Psychic Whale

Meet Rio, the psychic whale with supernatural abilities

Rio is a friendly, psychic whale. Her supernatural abilities allow her to foresee new opportunities throughout the blue ocean she calls home. Rio’s most special power is the “Liquidity Blast” through which she can unleash unlimited flows of positive energy and revitalise the ecosystem around her. Rio loves to interact with other creatures, especially the friendly spirited animals that populate the world of PolkaPets.

Don’t miss the chance to have one of the Rio PolkaPet NFTs!

Rio PolkaPet NFT Sale Details

Each of these NFTs will have only 800 prints available for a limited time sale on Friday and 400 prints to be saved for future promotions.

At 4 PM EST on Friday, March 26th, these PolkaPets cards will be available for sale on BondSwap.

Each card will cost 0.15 WETH and can also be purchased with $BONDLY tokens.

More information on the sale and on the utility of the RioDeFi’s PolkaPet NFT will be available before the sale goes live!

RioDeFi’s NFT Value and Utility

The Rio NFT secures you the following benefits and utility:

  • Lottery Entry for select future RioDeFi NFTs to be airdropped to holders;
  • Lottery entry for 10 extra RioDeFi PolkaPets Cards to be Airdropped to 10 Holders (1 each);
  • Lottery Entry for 100,000 RFUEL to be airdropped to 10 holders (10,000 RFUEL each);
  • Access to VIP benefits, Telegram group, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of upcoming milestones;
  • Access to PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game!

Why are we excited to join the PolkaPet world?

Crypto and DeFi are two complementary sectors backed by innovative technologies often difficult for the average retail investor to fully understand and which can bias investment decisions.

PolkaPets is a wonderful initiative which will help make the blockchain and digital assets more tangible and attractive to Millennials and Gen Z. Both generations are familiar with the world of Pokemon and PolkaPets appear as an extension of it, aligned with the crypto culture spirit and upcoming trends linked to NFT collectibles.

We feel very privileged to be among the few projects in the Polkadot’s ecosystem to have a creature designed in the image of our company’s values, with unique attributes. Knowing Rio will only be available on a limited edition makes it even more exclusive and we hope it will be adopted and pampered by our community.

More About RioDeFi

RioDeFi accelerates the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional and decentralized finance. Our vision is a world in which everyone has access to decentralized financial (DeFi) services.

We develop solutions that connect banking institutions with blockchain systems. Our applications enable lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, more efficiency, better returns for savings account holders, and global reach.

To learn more about the latest developments regarding RioChain, visit: and join the conversation on our social media in Twitter and Telegram.

More About PolkaPets

Your PolkaPet friends are the first step in having crypto-collectibles in the real-world. The PolkaPet collectibles will be the bridge between digital collectibles and real world tangible cards and will help develop demand for NFTs as the space continues to develop.

Our goal with PolkaPets is to create a world-wide community with our global partners and bring people together in an effort to educate and innovate on the power of NFTs. With many more announcements to come, we are continuously working on this game. Stay tuned for further information, and in the meantime, prepare for battle!

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