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RioDeFi Launches RioClub — An exclusive membership to access private sales of token projects

RioDeFi is pleased to announce RioClub, an initiative that aims at giving the possibility to RFUEL’s strongest supporters the possibility to participate in the private round of fundraising of the projects incubated and invested in by RioDeFi.

How Does It Work?

RioDeFi’s philosophy is that a blockchain network and its supporting dApps should bring mutual benefits to each other. This is best exemplified in RioChain’s economic model whereby 20% of the transaction fees collected by the network are distributed to the decentralized applications built on top of it.

RioClub aims at extending this philosophy to the fundraising stage of specific projects, which are either incubated by RioDeFi or invested in by RioFund, by inviting the holders of at least 70,000 RFUEL to secure token purchase allocations from the project’s initial private round. A portion of these projects’ private sale rounds will be dedicated to RioClub members, and each member can contribute up to a predetermined maximum amount, which will vary based on the project and the total amount of members of RioClub. If there are a large number of members involved, we will create additional tiers to better incentivize large RFUEL stakeholders.

How to apply?

RioClub is open to all RFUEL holders who hold at least 70,000 RFUEL in their ERC-20 compatible wallet, in their RioWallet under the RST88 format, or staked on MANTRA DAO In order to join the membership list of RioClub, applicants will need to fill up a form here.

Upon revision and approval of their applications, members will receive a confirmation email and would need to undergo a KYC before participating in the allocation. Participants will be selected on a first come first served basis.

The first project open to RioClub members will be announced on our social media very soon where the link to access the form will be re-shared so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram.

All RioClub members who have successfully passed the KYC, will also be notified by email each time RioClub is announcing a new project. They would need to RSVP to confirm their interest should they want to take part in these rounds of investment.

We are excited to share with our community the benefits of our rapid expansion and look forward to counting you among our RioClub members!

For RFUEL holders with more than 70,000 RFUEL on their wallets, you can now register your interest by filling up the form here.

About RioDeFi

RioDeFi accelerates the mass adoption of digital assets by bridging traditional and decentralized finance. Our vision is a world in which everyone has access to decentralized financial (DeFi) services. We develop solutions that connect banking institutions with blockchain systems. Our applications enable lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, more efficiency, better returns for savings account holders, and global reach.

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