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RioDeFi Weekly Newsletter #6

Below is the script of RioDeFi’s video newsletter #6. James Anderson, CEO at RioDeFi, shares the latest news and most recent company’s updates.

RioDeFi Weekly Video Newsletter #6

Hi everyone and welcome to our weekly video newsletter.

I am James anderson, CEO of RioDeFi. RioDeFi is a blockchain technology company whose mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of Digital Assets by bridging the gap between traditional and decentralised finance. I am very excited to share with you today what we have been up to over the past week. We will cover our Giveaway campaign for those who created new RioWallet during the campaign. More precisely, we will cover the details about transferring the tokens as there was a bit of misunderstanding. We will also be talking partnerships and some events I have recently attended.

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Clarification on RioDeFi’s Giveaway Campaign

Regarding the Giveaway campaign, there was a bit of confusion coming from our side on how the giveaway would work. So, we wanted to share with you that those who participate in this campaign would receive 10 free RFUEL. They will be distributed when the release of the generic Asset Bridge comes online on the RioChain Main net. These 10 free RFUELs are going to be RST-88 version of our RFUEL. For the 127 winners of this campaign who won between 1,000 and 50,000 RFUELs and other physical goods including an i-Phone 12 Pro and 20 Ledger Nano X, we have contacted them by email. Please check your inbox (and junkbox) because we are still waiting for some to revert back with extra information we need to mail them their prizes. If there is any issue or if the transfer of tokens takes longer than expected, please reach out to us.

The role and importance of partnerships’ activities

RioWallet is not only about design but also about functionalities and this is why we are currently expanding our network, contacting other data providers who can help us improve RioChain. For us it’s important to focus on partnerships opportunities at the moment because this is really how we can expand very rapidly the functionalities of RioChain, leveraging this cross-chain technology both within and outside of the Polkadot network. So we have been particularly excited with our partnership with Kylin Networks which I have an interview coming up with its CEO, Dylan Dewdney. For those who are not familiar with Kylin Network, this video interview would be a great chance to familiarize yourself with this project. It is built on Substrate — the Polkadot ecosystem — and it has a focus on data analytics tools and data providers.

Participation to industry events

This week I also had the pleasure of interacting with the FinTech Association of Hong Kong. I was able to join them for an online event and gave a presentation to 37 of its members. This happened during the Hong Kong Blockchain week and I am really grateful to be included in it as RioDeFi is a young and ambitious startup in the DeFi industry. They really welcomed me to the community. It was the occasion for me to explain what DeFi is, what RioDeFi is doing, how DeFi can generate yields using protocols including Compound, MakerDAO or Mantra Dao to earn staking rewards. I had a lot of questions on liquidity mining, yield farming and other opportunities in the DeFi space especially around liquidity provision, DEXes such as Uniswap, SuchiSwap and so on.

This was a great opportunity to connect with blockchain entrepreneurs and traditional financial players here in Hong Kong who focus on integrating blockchain technology into their companies.

Last weekend I also gave a speech for the “Algorithm City offline Meet-up. It’s an event that was held in Shenzhen with more than 100 attendees who participated. It focused on NFT, DeFi and DAO. Among the speakers and companies who participated, there were the Sandbox, DEGO, Whale and xDeFi. I gave an introduction on how DeFi can solve problems faced in the traditional finance industry and some of the FinTech startups. I explained how RioDeFi and MantraDAO can address some of those concerns. My speech was done remotely because the borders are still closed. We were nevertheless very excited and thankful to be participating. It is great to see that physical events are back in China, which has a lot of interest from developers and investors in the blockchain space to help the industry continue to grow exponentially.

That’s all for this week’s newsletter. Thank you all for listening. We really appreciate your time. Go ahead! Like and subscribe to our video, that way you can stay in touch with us. We hope you will join our Telegram group, too, @riodefiofficel.

Take care and stay safe.



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