Good designers write portfolio case studies. Great designers write stories.

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Understand the difference between a story and a case study.

  • The business impact of the people problem you solved
  • What happened around the project
  • How you think about design
  • Your work and self values
  • Your interaction with other people
  • Your trade-offs and push-backs
  • What went wrong in the project, and how you overcame it
  • The impact on the audience both short and long term
  • The effect on the design maturity of your company
  • What you learned from this project that changed your behavior
  • Etc

It boils down to a better representation of your full-self as opposed to just your work-self.

Show what went wrong.

People stand out when they highlight struggles, challenges, and how they overcame them.

Write only two or three stories.

Switch your perspective



The Riot Games UX Design blog shares perspectives from User Experience Designers who work to drive Riot towards our mission of being the most player-focused game company in the world. Career insights, behind the scenes, case studies, interview tips, and more!

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Stéphane Martin

Design leadership @Meta. Previously @ Shopify @Riotgames. I write about design leadership, product design strategy, and UX career.