Subject: Why Web is the Future.

Author: Riorden Weber — March 15, 2014

This is an open letter I wrote addressed to my professor about a presentation I gave to the Board of Trustees encouraging them to investing in a Mobile App.
It was a success.

It’s good to hear from you! I’m glad to know that the App is at least being discussed more.

So I’ve given thought to what you said, and now I have a long email for you as well.

I’m going to give you a wrap of how and what my presentation to the Board of Trustees would have been about initially… just without all the fancy charts… (This is how I really feel…)

Right now dumping money into the App world seems like A GREAT IDEA! But, trust me, it won’t be, and soon.

You have to start investing in A) the cloud, and B) the Web. That’s it.
Allow me to make my case, these are the reason why I believe this.

Right now things are slowly moving away from Apps, and apps haven’t even reached their peak yet. But Google is investing way more than any other company in Web Apps. Why? Because money always wins, and it’s just a LOT cheaper to do processing in the cloud than on your device. This big change is just around the corner but there are still to be some setbacks, like “privacy” but that will come to pass, because again, Money wins.

Also, the reason Web Apps haven’t taken off the way they should is because 1) the internet is way to slow for that

Side note:
this is the reason Google is investing so much in “Google Fiber”. No, they don’t want to be an ISP they just want to scare the other ISP’s into providing faster and better internet, and at the same time they are delivering information to their customers at a faster rate. In both cases they achieve what they want… Delivering information to “consumers” … faster.

So like I said internet speeds are too slow, but as you know, that is changing.
2) it takes a lot of time and money for companies to set up large Cloud and data centers, but as soon as they have them, that's it, there is minimal upkeep. Just like Google’s new Cloud product. There is a reason it’s basicly the only advertisement I’ve seen online lately. And same thing with Google Chrome, chrome is now and becoming a “Portal” into the Google services, sure they could have released some other Apps like another Desktop version of MS Word and Excel. But they released Chrome instead, it just makes more sense.

See Apple is putting all it’s money into App’s but to me this seems like a horrible idea because for electronics to get lighter and faster and cheaper it’s so much easier to just remove the processor rather than keep making it smaller. All you would need is some tiny processor that is capable of starting the device and connecting to the internet, that’s IT. No large amounts of RAM no HD and no super CPU, just a Graphics processor and a network card, that is where technology will end up.
You can bank on this as Google has recently bought out the entire “.app” web domain for over 25 million dollars. Google knows where technology is going, and it’s not in Apps. It is in web Apps.

Web Apps run on virtually every single device, whereas “app Apps” have to be recompiled and designed for every single OS, that's a pain.

And lastly, Web Apps are 100x EASIER to update. Think about it, every time you release an update you have to compile it, send it to Apple, have them look at it, and THEN… get everyone to update to the current version, which you know won’t happen. It is so much easier to just make the update and replace what’s currently on the Server, having only ONE version that EVERYONE uses.

And come to think of it, it’s also safer. There’s a reason why Apple has to approve every single app that comes out. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen while browsing the internet, as long as you don’t download anything, you’re fine.

One more point, I don’t think people understand the importance of economics. Cost IS EVERYTHING. Walmart is so big why? because they are cheap.

Last year, for the first time in history, some company sold more computers to schools all around the country than Apple, guess what computer is was….

Google Chromebooks, why? Because they are cheap.

In conclusion, Web Apps are…

cheaper, faster (in the long run), easier to update, safer, and simpler.

They have every single ingredient for success.

Right now it may seem like a great idea to invest thousands of dollars into Mobile Apps, and right now it probably is a great idea, but soon it won’t be. And yes when I say soon, I do mean in like 15 years, but it will happen.

Ok, so what’s my point with all this? My point is that (at least to me) it just seems like a better idea to invest the money in something that will last and is all the reasons listed above.

This is what I would do: I would still have the mobile app, but just turn it into a simple Web Browser. One that doesn’t have back buttons or a URl bar, just a Web Browser. What it does, is it access a server hosted by whoever, and with AJAX just downloads all the webpages in the background, so it looks and acts like an app, but it’s just a simple web browser. Now the issue would be that you still can’t do anything while off line… well actually you could just download the files and access them the same way just off-line. Besides, you’d have the same problem with the current App anyway.

Ok, to clarify, I do strongly believe that investing in an App for the School is extremely important, and that the school needs to be pouring more money into this than they are. Hopefully my presentation has convinced them of this.
All I’m saying is invest that money where it makes sense. For the same amount of money I can promise you would get a product of at least equal value, even if you started over from the beginning.

I also understand that basically everything I just said is like a complete waste of time as this is neither your priority or your area of say, it’s really just something to think about.

Now with that said….. I think you are completely right with your stance on Social apps

(honestly I don’t even know why we have them, I didn’t even know they existed until you told me the Twitter account was hacked. Now if there was a system at play that sent a Tweet every time new Homework was assigned, I would actually use my Twitter account)

Hummm, what else…

If you’re looking for feed back, apparently Google has some Web forms and voting polls:

Might be useful.

Alright, think that concludes everything.

Message me back when you’ve had enough time to read all this.

And btw, if you need any more help with anything, just let me know, I want to help anyway I can.

— Rio Weber

I wrote this before I ever had a full understanding of what a Single Page Application was or that it even existed.
To this day (2017) I still believe what I wrote here to be true.

Reasons why I think Native Apps are necessary and why I have pushed my own company to allow me to build a Native App:

  • Bragging rights.