Introducing Ripe

Earn yield on everything

Dre Ham
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2 min readSep 13, 2022


Hey! I’m Dre Ham. Want to change the world together?

Meet Ripe — a new DeFi protocol that lets you earn yield on everything. 🍋 It’s powered by a fresh stablecoin: decentralized (but scalable), algorithmic (yet collateralized), productive (and capital efficient).

Yield is the killer use-case of DeFi. The ability to save, earn, grow wealth, even while you sleep… is an enticing value prop. Ultimately, it’s the use-case I believe will attract billions of mass market “normies” to feel, touch, and experience the power of web3.

With Ripe, you’ll be able to earn yield on your digitally-native assets (crypto assets, yield-farming positions, NFTs). That’s the lowest hanging fruit (pun intended).

However, the future is increasingly digital.

So we’ve built Ripe in such a way that as more of your real-world assets get tokenized — like your house, your car, your watch, your sneakers, your paycheck, your private stock, your livestock — you’ll be able to earn yield on that too.

Can you think of the possibilities? We can.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing a lot more. This is just a quick hello. Welcome to our world! It’s a new world. We’re at the frontier, still chopping a lot of wood. What we are attempting has never been done before.

While our plans are bold and ambitious, we’ll make sure to keep it fruity and fun! Nothing more fun than trying to change the world together.

Okay, hop into our Discord, roll up those sleeves, and let’s get to work! 🍋