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The Ripe Endaoment

A new approach to long-term sustainability in DeFi

Primer: Traditional Endowment

All Protocol Revenue goes to The Endaoment

  • Loan revenue (interest payments, daowry, liquidations)
  • Home-grown yield strategies for depositors (take % of gains)
  • Bonding proceeds (we’ll chat more about this in a future post)
  • Algorithmic jUSD market sales (when above peg)
  • Stablecoin redemptions

The Endaoment is Productive

The Endaoment gives the profits/yield away

  • Depositors (this is how they receive “boosted yield”)
  • Stakers (jUSD, RIPE, LP, etc)
  • DAO Ops (pay contributors, bounties, etc)
  • Impact (more on this later!)

The Endaoment funds are sacred

jUSD redemptions happen in The Endaoment



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