Digital Parking Assistant — UX Case Study

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Jul 26, 2018 · 4 min read

An app to help drivers to find parking spots in the busy streets of 100ft Road, Coimbatore.

Project Duration

1 Month

Project Guide

Sudhakar Dhamodaraswamy

Getting to know the place

100ft road is part of NH 181. NH 181 connects Coimbatore to Gudulpet. For this project I looked at the busiest part of the 100ft road, starting from Kongunad Hospital on the left to Sathy Road on the right.

The road has 4 lanes and is one of the busiest roads of Coimbatore. Here are some of the photos from the road.

User Interviews

I spoke to people around to get a better understanding of what they did for their parking, and found the following things.

People would use public transport to get to any place there.

People would either park far ahead of the sop they wanted to go to, or park much before and walk up to the shop.

The shop owners come early in the morning when there is no traffic so they would not have any issue parking their vehicle.

When asked what was one preference they would have when they park is to park in shade.

Task Analysis

These are the different tasks people generally perform from the point of taking the car out of the garage to parking it at their final destination.

Takeaways from research at this point

Parking in an outdoor public place has become based on public cooperation.

People who frequent the place have adjusted to the situation and have adapted their lives to it.

People who don't frequent this place a lot are the ones who have the most problem.

This is something which is faced in almost every outdoor situation.

Reframing the Brief

Designing a parking app which can act as a parking assistant for any outdoor area.

Defining Features

To understand what different features could be added into the application to complement the overall experience, users were asked to fill the following form with as many different answers as possible.

The form contained one sentence they had to fill —

As a user I would like to __________, so that I can __________.

Takeaways from research at this point

There should be a way people for them to quickly find a parking spot because it would not be very convenient to search while driving.

There might be sometimes that when the user is going to a location he might find another spot which is empty.

Adding preferences to what the benchmark for what sort of places people are comfortable to park will help people in the long run.

Some sort of feature which could help in case of an emergency.

Sometimes people forget where they parked their cars, which is also an opportunity.

This is the point where there was a more clear picture of the final product.


These are the wireframes for the main screens of the application.

Visual Design

This is the final visual design for the application.

Ripple Design

A collection of stories, case studies, and ideas from Ripple Design.

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Ripple Design

A collection of stories, case studies, and ideas from Ripple Design.

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