How Do We Upskill Young Workers?

By TheNewABC

Source: WEF
“Nearly 500M new jobs will need to be created by 2020.”
“Educators and employers must work together to stay competitive.”
“Current and expected skills gaps need urgent attention.”
“The 21st Century education system needs to be redesigned.”
”To meet the real-time needs of the labour market, we need to develop 21st Century skills.”

Sense of Urgency

“Prospective workers need to continuously augment their skill sets and pick up new hard and soft skills in order to remain employable.” ~ Daniel Burrus, Futurist, Speaker
“Many members of the global workforce can’t keep up with the shift in skills required for jobs” — Allen Blue, VP of Product Management and Co-Founder at LinkedIn
“The emphasis needs to be placed on skills” — Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Co-creating with young workers

We have co-created products with young workers, between 25–35 years old, from Budapest (Hungary), India, Saigon (Vietnam), France, Okinawa (Japan) for enabling them to learn the life skills for working in this challenging time:

  • TheNewWorker Webinars on 2 topics: ‘My Passion’ and ‘Dealing With Uncertainty’, in which young workers are themselves in both local and global teams the facilitators, the coordinators and co-writers of their webinars. In that way, they are experiencing life skills on their own and together.
  • The Global Upskilling Program for making the main shift to being ‘TheNewWorker’.
  • TheNewABC Global Community.

Life Skills in Action: ‘Learning by Doing’

What are the experiences of young workers, who did participate in our program?

We, Arnold and Rotana, are so very happy to see great progresses from the early adopters of our global community, Hallie (Vietnam), Han (Vietnam) and Mukesh (India) who have completed the Global Upskilling Program in October, 2015.

You can get a flavour of what we have done and what the results are via our 3 short videos and testimonials:

Best of Upskilling

Life Skills Young Workers Have Developed

Overview of Upskilling

“I owe a great deal to the Global Upskilling Program’ to provide me a center to unlearn the acquired fear of being yourself. ‘Being yourself’ means taking initiative, authenticity, and living the unique gift that I am.” ~ @grnsavvy, Substainability Analyst, India.
“To me, TheNewABC is a perfect example of what could be the now of social working: a great combination of technology and social interaction that can create new opportunities to solve problems.” ~ Thomas, French expat in retail, Japan
“Many thanks for creating this program on dealing with uncertainty and bringing up this rarely-discussed topic. You really care about youth development and help people to build muscles to cope with challenges and enjoy life.” ~ @NguyenMaiHan, Social entrepreneur, Vietnam/Sweden/USA.
“I AM Dealing with UNCERTAINTY. It’s BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE it! Thank you!” ~ Hallie, project coordinator in IT, Vietnam

How about Yourself and Your Organisation? Which life skill(s) are most crucial to you?

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