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Aug 16 · 4 min read
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We’re excited to announce our lead investment in Toronto-based startup Buildable who is a leader in the low-code movement, building the world’s most efficient low-code development system. We led this round with participation from Golden Ventures, Richard & Michael Hyatt and Village Global. The funding will be used to expand its core product suite, open more compatible programming languages for its rapidly growing developer community, extend its certified integration partner list and expand the team.

Buildable has become the de facto ‘application operating system’ (i.e., AppOS) for startup and enterprise software teams looking to integrate reliable and secure microservices to their web apps, fast. Today, companies lose millions of dollars each year as dev teams struggle to get major features to market because of complexity, which ultimately means businesses and end consumers everywhere lose out. Together, Buildable’s 6 core products allow software teams to offload many of the foundational infrastructure and backend-related tasks that typically end up creating crippling technical debt if done without Buildable. Crucially, this streamlining is all done without forcing developers to lose the critical flexibility of managing and customizing code that they love.

“Other players in our industry are trying to figure out how to replace the software developer using no-code solutions. We’re taking the opposite approach in working to empower, not replace, the software developer by giving them tools that make their jobs and lives easier. Today, this includes robust, reuseable, scaleable building blocks and workflows that they can trust and embed anywhere in the stack. In the future, the possibilities are endless.” said Daniel Spataro, Co-Founder and CEO of Buildable.

“We fundamentally believe that as we make every developer on the planet exponentially more productive, the pace of product innovation we’ll see as a byproduct will be at a level that’s unprecedented. In a post-pandemic era, this is more important than ever and it’s a vision both our core team and global developer community are deeply excited about.”

The Ripple Ventures team is are extremely proud of what Daniel and Moe have been able to create at Buildable in such a short period of time. Their perspective on the engineering ecosystem and deep connection to the developer community gives them an inside track on building the technology that dev teams will live and die by over the next decade. We’re proud to lead this funding round and we are excited to bring together amazing partners like Golden Ventures, the Hyatts and Village Global for the ride.

Buildable’s developer community is rapidly expanding and the company is looking to capitalize on its growth curve. In stealth for the first half of the year, Buildable is now publicly available and already offers 6 core products to developer and product teams, including Services, Recipes, Integrations, Auth, Environments and Community. Moving forward, Buildable will be opening up more spots for developers currently in queue in its waitlist and onboard its next cohort of core engineering, growth and product team members. There are over 10+ job openings on their fully-remote, globally distributed team. For more information, candidates can visit buildable.dev/careers.

About Buildable

Buildable is the microservice management company leading the enterprise charge from monolithic to modern software architectures. Buildable’s product suite is the first in the industry to offer an end-to-end solution, encapsulating both database spin up, database interfacing and logic building. The company’s powerful logic studio makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to manage databases at scale, integrate with 3rd-party APIs and compile important ‘glue code’ necessary to make use of 3rd-party APIs. Buildable works out-of-the-box with popular tools like Shopify, Notion, Stripe, Twilio, SendGrid, Plaid and Fidel, while hundreds of other integration options are coming soon.

About Ripple Ventures

Ripple Ventures is an early-stage venture firm specializing in seed funding for the next generation of B2B SaaS companies. Based in Toronto, Canada, Ripple identifies and invests in the founders of tomorrow by creating a community focused on inclusivity, education and personal growth.

Ripple is always looking around the corner to predict the trouble and setbacks founders will face to help them drive forward. Our portfolio includes innovative brands like Voiceflow, Roserocket, ZenHub, OnCall Health, and many more. The team at Ripple focuses on bringing access, transparency, education, support and community with dedication, honesty and hard work to founders in order to deliver exceptional experiences and outcomes. Ripple isn’t interested in being another name on the cap table — instead Ripple is dedicated to providing deeply personal founder support throughout the life of a startup. By building meaningful relationships with our portfolio founders, Ripple offers value, insights, analysis, guidance and mentorship. With first-hand experience in building and scaling companies, Ripple helps entrepreneurs every day, not just every quarter.

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Ripple Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm with…


Ripple Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Founded and co-managed by operator-turned-investor Matt Cohen (Managing Partner), and former CEO of Accelerated Connections, Michael Garbe (General Partner).

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Ripple Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Founded and co-managed by operator-turned-investor Matt Cohen (Managing Partner), and former CEO of Accelerated Connections, Michael Garbe (General Partner).