RISD IxD: Manifesto

To design is to question.

At RISD, our focus has never been on how to create, but why we create. We are trained to be future-facing, to ask how the changes in our world might be observed and developed in order to benefit us all.

We are concerned that RISD may not always be up to standards when it comes to current trends, specifically those surrounding computation and technology. Although trends are inherently ephemeral, it would be foolish to ignore them, as their impact can be significantly augmented when paired with the right kind of inquiry.

Opportunities like RISD’s CTC Concentration have been able to leverage our community’s growing interest in computational art+design. However, practice revolving around digital technologies outside established curriculum has remained limited. We attribute this to a lack of community space for students interested in said subject.

RISD IxD serves to provide a space for artists and designers at RISD to exchange ideas, share their work, and learn new skills related to digital technologies.

Currently, we plan on consistently delivering content written by and for creators affiliated with RISD. Moving forward, we hope to promote overall literacy in digital technologies on campus through community-led workshops, alternative critiques, and other IRL interactions, so that our fellow students can do what they do best:

Ask questions that have never been thought to be asked.

— Jason Yuan (GD ‘19) and Advait Kalakkad (ID ‘19), March 2018

is a collective of artists and designers passionate about Interactive Experiences within the Digital Age at the Rhode Island School of Design.
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