RISE Wallet 1.0 Released

After over half a year of active development, we’re pleased to announce RISE Wallet 1.0 being available on the web and for desktops. We wanted to make a secure, easy to use and modern wallet which would work seamlessly across all platforms. To achieve this, we used TypeScript (the same language the RISE blockchain is written in) along with React and Material-UI. This article will walk you through the the new features, as the new version brings many new features.

New layout

Redesigned with accessibility in mind and taking advantage of Google’s battle tested Material-UI components, the new wallet have a familiar look and it’s easy to use.

Multiple accounts

One of the biggest new features is support for multiple accounts. You can add as many as you wish and then customize the order by using names and pinning.

New sign in flow

Mart has already discussed the new sign in flow in details a while back. In a nutshell, we won’t ask for your secret mnemonic or the passphrase until the last moment, when it’s actually required. This reduces the risk of having it leaked.

Support for Ledger Nano S

You can now use your wallet for the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet allowing to import and sign transactions for the accounts stored on the device. This feature requires Google Chrome or a desktop version.

Support for mobile

Responsive design and carefully crafted password forms will let you easily send new transactions from your phone, while making use of your device’s secure keychain. The following video shows using Touch ID to sign a transaction with both the mnemonic and the second passphrase.

Desktop versions

To bring another level of security, you can download RISE Wallet as a desktop app for MacOS, Windows and Linux. Below is a screenshot on Win10. Downloadable binaries can be found on the project’s GitHub release page.


We’re looking into translating the app to other languages through a CrowdIn campaign. At the time of writing this, only English and Estonian languages are complete. If you would like to participate for your own language, become a translation contributor.

Address book

You can now assign names to frequent contacts and then quickly fill the Send RISE form, even by using only your keyboard (SHIFT+S). Contact names also appear in transaction details. Important thing to note, that data is being persisted only on your local machine.

Network switcher

Last but not least, switching between networks (testnet / mainnet) is now much easier, being available at all times via Add an account -> Change node . You can also connect to your own network of choice, if that’s your use case.

RISE Wallet 1.0 is available to download today from project’s GitHub release page. Please report any issues on the issue tracker or on the dedicated Slack channel.

Web versions

Desktop versions