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Rise & Mine: A Fun Way to Learn About Crypto

R&M Splash Screen — Rough Draft

Hello Crypto world,

Welcome to the first of many gaming projects that we are working on at HLWGroup. Founded by Hank Wyatt, one of the company goals is to help support the growth and education of the crypto community. Our goal for this project is to deliver a product that is fun and educational. We are still in the development stage, but we are getting excited about this project and want to introduce you to some of our progress so far.

Why Rise & Mine?

This game teaches crypto novices about crypto mining, trading and Non-Fungible Tokens [NFT]. I have personally been involved in crypto for several years and one of the biggest struggles that I have seen over and over is that people new to cryptocurrency don’t understand how it works.

We want this game to be just that, a game. As an educational and entertainment tool, this game will be completely free to play and does not require any investment (other than your free time). The game is not tied to an actual coin or token. We will have in-game purchases to boost your experience, but every player will be able to achieve end-game without spending a penny.

Set in a family-friendly comic-type environment, our hero (or heroine) is learning how to mine crypto to fund the development of a cure from zombification. The hero will gain levels and move between different acts in the story as he gains more experience, better equipment and, of course, more crypto.

What makes us different from other games? Many of the existing crypto idle clicker games cater to people that are already in the crypto space and understand the different aspects. Many also require a level of fiat investment. In our game, there is a ‘coin’ in the game but it has zero intrinsic value outside of the game. Our goal is to teach, not to pump a particular coin or token. Now, for the more technical stuff, here is our overview of Rise & Mine.


Rise & Mine is a mobile Idle Clicker. Gameplay revolves around the simulation of the crypto industry — crypto mining, trading and NFTs. It is presented in a 3D isometric perspective with a cartoony, ‘flat color design’.

The main character is a zombie who has risen from the dead to mine crypto to fund the development of a cure for their zombie-like condition, and for the rest of the world. The player will have to gather funds by tapping throughout the game, subsequently developing its mining operation to gain more passive income while the player is inactive.

As you progress through the game, you will experience a variety of new events and be introduced to new currencies. We did this to allow for multiple play styles and new experiences. Players have numerous opportunities to boost their in-game earnings and build an optimized mining rig to reach the end goal.

Rise & Mine: The NFT Collection

Concept Art for “Miner Zombies”

The Rise & Mine NFT collection will be based around the different characters that can be found in the game. These NFTs will be integrated into the game over several different game mechanics. There are also a number of ‘mini-games’ featured in the app to help teach people about NFTs and how to trade NFTs.

Visual Style

Rise & Mine showcases low-poly graphics with a soft color palette for the zombie dimension, and bright colors for the “otherworldly” human dimension.

Mid-game Content Example

We look forward to keeping you informed about our progress, and to show everyone what we can do!



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Rise & Mine

NFT Collection + Gamification Guide on “How to Mine and Trade Crypto”