Hi Everyone! 👋 We are Risepic Inc. and we’re here to solve some stuff

First of all, we’re focussed on learning and working in the first non-boring environment.

Risepic is the first platform for personalized and lifelong learning, solving the real problem, data and all of the frictions that people have today in sharing their uniqueness from learning contents to the real world needs

To solve this huge problem that is slowing down the growth of Personalized learning, we have to solve the self-reported system that we use today to express our skills and expertise.

The “WHY” of Risepic is to help people to validate and express them-self about everything they learn from books, video, articles, VR experiences, even class and real-world events. At the same time, we’ll use this data to help users to be constantly interconnected with companies.

Companies finally will be connected for free with passionate people and can organize outsourcing for micro-tasks, challenges and even find the right people for their teams.

The challenge is to allow big companies and startups to stop wasting their time and money finding who will get the things done, because it’ll be automatically matched.

We want to reinvent this system to empower people, companies, and learning creators to be more connected and building a new worldwide meritocracy in career building and learning right true efficiency.

We called it The Third Generation Of Human Potential

The is a lot of tech stuff about that, like why we are using blockchain technology, AI, the Proof of Potential and more.. but we’ll talk about it in next posts…




The Third Generation of Human Potential

Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi

Written by

Co-Founder at Risepic | Co-Founder at Decentralized AI Community | Blockchain and AI Enthusiast



The Third Generation of Human Potential

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