How this small hack changed my routine forever

Yes the life hack that I am going to share applies to everyone and promises enormous results. You’ll be a fitter, happier and energetic person than ever.

The idea revolves on the very simple fact: Waking up early morning at a fix time everyday have lots of benefits(check this). This sounds easy but we all know, it’s really difficult to start and even more difficult to maintain.

So what changed my routine ? Believe it or not we all have this one common habit — to quickly check the social feeds after going to bed but before falling asleep. But indeed that quick habit bites a considerable amount of time from our sleep time. Unfortunately, we can’t resist this cause after the long day hard work we gotta check about our circle right? Right, but we can definitely and effortlessly shift the timing of this habit to the mornings after waking up instead of the nights before sleeping.

Yes this change is small but impactful. Moving this addiction of checking one’s social feeds to first thing after waking instead of last thing before sleep brings a lot of improvements that everyone dreams of. Let me explain you.

Why quickly checking the feeds before sleeping is a bad idea ?

  • First, it’s never quick. We think it won’t take more than 5 minutes but we always end up more than 30 minutes and even many hours somedays, which is really bad because we are delaying our sleeping time, in turn delaying the waking time thus effecting our health and energy for the next day and our lastly our punctuality gets worsen.
  • Second, the ambient blue light emitted from the screen is bad for your eyes and your sleep pattern. Don’t believe ? Check here. Download this.
  • Thirdly, of all the feeds there is always one that stresses and trouble you, effecting the sleep. May it your best friend’s health update or his wealth update :/

Why checking the feeds first thing in the morning(of course after having two glasses of water) is better than anything ?

  • Firstly, to wake up at a fixed time everyday is hard and requires an instant distraction so that you can get rid of that snooze button and wake up for real. This distraction can be anything and checking the social feeds fits perfectly. You’ll instantly wake up(after checking zero likes for the last pic you uploaded :D)
  • Secondly, you’ll get all the news that matter from all over the world in the early morning, and let go the fear to be excluded from the fireside chat with your colleagues
  • Thirdly, this brings along with all the benefits of waking up early everyday such as more energy at the start of the day, time for some exercise, reaching in time to work, endless.. Get motivated
  • Lastly, you won’t waste much time in the checking the endless list of feeds cause you have other things to do in the morning so that you get to the office in time

We all know that our fathers and grandfathers(mothers obviously have different reasons) wake up with a cup of tea and a newspaper to read all the news and kickstart their day. Good we have replaced that with digital but the problem is it’s not daily, it updates every moment. Well it’s obviously good to have the real time updates in our pockets but we should definitely restrict ourselves from opening the app every time we check the time!

PS: If you really want to do something before you sleep, start with writing down “What is the best/productive task I did today”. I can guarantee you will sleep like never before :D