Today was a lot of brainstorming — as you can make out from here — and, we were able to get some really good ideas out of it :)

We chose to ditch our idea about building shoes for the blind, because we don’t think it’s feasible to pursue in the duration of a week.

We took our shock absorbers for the bus idea forward, and while thinking of more applications for it, we found a better use of our time.

So, as of now, our project is to build a portable device that makes it easier to stand up, from a chair. Does this seem very trivial to you? Let us change that impression!

For most people above 50, it becomes quite a task to get up from a chair. Want to experience for yourself? Try getting up from a chair with just one leg on the ground.

Our device (yet to be named!) will basically combine all of the exercises in that video to make it easier for you to get out of a chair. says

Actions you may take for granted can become more difficult with age. Simply standing up from a chair is difficult for some seniors due to muscle mass and strength losses. Strength training regularly can make such daily activities easier. To be able to stand up from a chair without assistance requires strong leg muscles. Performing exercises that specifically target these muscles, at least a few days a week, will improve your ability to stand from your seat.

Look at this tale from a 58 year old on him standing up!

We’re going to use a mechanism somewhat similar to that to create our device.

You can see the evolution of our illustrations quite clearly there, and by Monday, we’ll put up a demo of our first prototype!

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