The most crucial process in the science day and somewhat the hardest is ideating because doing something new and original is always tough.

Lets take you through what we are doing.

Idea 1: For the visually impaired. The idea is a box with sensors on each face. This will be attachable onto a walking stick and can detect obstacles in the way. When an obstacle has been detected, a beep will sound.

Idea 2: For hand amputees. A toothbrush stand with an adjustable height. A toothbrush will be protruding from the main stand. An automatic toothpaste dispenser above the toothbrush will dispense toothpaste onto the brush. The person can now brush their teeth without using their hands.

Idea 3: For hand amputees. We were thinking of making a paddle boat-esque vehicle that is driven using pedals. It can be steered using uneven application of pressure. The paddle wheel will be replaced by actual wheels.

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