Today was a big day

Today was a big day. It was so for one primary reason, brainstorming. Today’s main goal was to start ideating on what we could do to improve on the feel we were so determined to create . Quickly revisiting, our main feel was that there were a lot of problems in the common world which we were looking forward to solve. We ended up on physical disabilities or physical inabilities. Further delving into it we realized that our customers were in every hospital, every home (almost) and in every apartment.

From broken legged football enthusiasts to our very own grandparent, everyone had faced a time where they were incapable of climbing stairs. Despite great efforts by hospitals, their elevators always end up either closed up or nonoperational …is that real fair to those who can’t make it up a floor.

So we devised a imagine what if we could create something through which they could be taken up a floor without asking their parents to sprain back in helping them. Our research has begun and now in full gear towards, however we know there are going to be speed bumps, keep them coming as they are the things that will keep us on the right track.

Be back soon with more… Keep rock’in and roll’in.

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