Pain pain go away come back another day…

Most of us were taught to run from pain, to avoid it, to hide from it, to ignore it, to resist it, to do whatever we can to not feel it. Because of this when pain arises within us we don’t allow ourselves to experience it. We actually do the very opposite, we shun it. We have been shunning pain for so long that we now believe that the pain that we feel is not even ours. Which is why we blame others, accuse others, attack others and hold others responsible for it. We are not conscious of this but it is happening nevertheless. And it is this behavior that is protecting and perpetuating our pain.

When one person is in pain and unconscious in the ways I just explained, he or she will then bring pain to their family. The pain in their family will bring pain to other families. The pain in many families will bring pain to the community. The pain in the community will bring pain to the country. The pain in a country will bring pain to other countries. The pain in many countries will bring pain to the world. It is this simple.

This is why it is so important that we begin to acknowledge and take responsibility for our pain. To stop blaming others and the world for it but instead to see it as a Divine invitation to heal ourselves. A Divine invitation to feel deeper in to ourselves. A Divine invitation to set ourselves free from pain and live in our Natural State. A state of Joy, Peace and Love.

This is and has always been the very purpose of pain; to let us know that something is not in harmony with existence and that we need to look IN to it.

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