The advertising industry as a whole is one of the key industries that is perpetuating and in many ways creating sadness through out the world. The advertising industry is continuously and insistently telling everyone that happiness and fulfilment are out there somewhere to be found and purchased when the truth of the matter is that real lasting happiness and fulfilment will only ever be found and realised within.
 Can you imagine if we could only feel happy and fulfilled if x and y had to happen? That would be a most cruel world. And because we believe this we have actually turned this heavenly world into a cruel world. But for an open heart, it can all be used as a great learning.

For the ones who have realised that happiness and fulfilment are found within, advertising is seen to be what it is; an imaginary world of imaginary people, living imaginary lives, chasing imaginary happiness to feel imaginary fulfilment. Which is in many ways a mirror of modern day society. At least here in the west. And the end result of this of course will always be suffering and sadness, for no matter how much you did, experienced and purchased, it was all… imaginary.

When more and more beings begin to turn within and awaken to this understanding; that we don’t need anything to feel happy and fulfilled, the very pillars that sustain the advertising industry, which are these global beliefs that we need to do something, have something or be someone to feel happy and fulfilled will collapse entirely and the industry will either go through a radical change or end all together.

It cannot be said that the advertising industry is behaving in such a way consciously because the very beings that work in the industry share the same beliefs and in some ways hold them more strongly, otherwise they would not even be in the advertising industry.

I have met many beings who use to work in the advertising industry, I am one of them, and the one thing we all have in common today, is that what we are doing now is born out of the happiness and fulfilment we have found within and not out of the lack of happiness and fulfilment we so desired and searched for outside.

This is the Great shift.

As a Great Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi said: 
 “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”

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