Anything is Possible

How one teacher changed my life forever

Summer was coming to an end and I would soon be starting first grade. I was nervous for the first day of classes as most kids usually are. As I got my backpack ready with my supplies, I remembered I had nothing to worry about because my new classmates would surely be feeling the same way. The first day of school finally arrived, and there I was anxiously waiting for the bus to approach my stop.Upon arriving to school, I headed towards my homeroom and was comforted in seeing a young woman greeting all the students entering her classroom. I was hoping she would be my teacher, and after checking my nametag, I realized that she was. As I approached the door, she greeted me with a big smile and introduced herself as Mrs. P. Little did I know the impact Mrs. P would have in my life. Through her guidance and patience, I fell in love with books.

I always looked forward to storytime with Mrs. P. I can remember her reading Stellaluna and how animated her voice was. She would change her tone of voice for different characters and it just made storytime fun. Everyday she would read to us and I thought if only I was that good of a reader. When we were asked to read aloud, I was embarrassed because I was not able to read like my classmates. Soon enough Mrs. P noticed and right before we were dismissed for recess she asked to speak with me.

We spoke about the frustration I was feeling and what we could do to improve my reading skills. She sent a note home with me that day asking my parents to give her a call. My mother returned the call, and they discussed my dilemma and came up with a plan to help improve my reading skills. I would start staying after school three times a week with Mrs. P for one on one sessions and my parents would be more involved with my reading at home.

During the after school sessions with Mrs. P, I would use flashcards. The flashcards were categorized into many sets. Everyday we would start a different set but we would always review the set from the day before. After my sessions with Mrs. P., I would arrive home and my mother or father would help me practice reading. I would begin by reading aloud to my mother and when I made a mistake she would let me try to figure it out first before correcting me. I feel that by allowing me to try and fix my mistake before correcting me, allowed me to gain the skills I needed to improve.

About a month after my after school sessions began, I could see the difference in my reading skills. My pronunciation was better, and I was able to keep a steady reading pace. As I continued to improve, I became more confident in my skills and would volunteer to read aloud in class. I would go to the library and check out several books at a time. I would immerse myself in the pages and could envision what the author wanted the reader to experience. Reading became something I enjoyed, and anytime I had a moment to spare you could usually catch me with a book in my hands.

I still love reading, and when I get the chance, I try to find a good read. Mrs. P never gave up on me and for that I am thankful. It’s teachers like Mrs. P who make a difference in our education system. She took the time to help me improve a skill I was having a difficult time with. She provided the resources I needed, and I have never felt more confident about my reading skills since. Additionally, with the support I received from my parents and Mrs. P, I was able to push myself to work hard. I pushed through the obstacles and saw that anything is possible if you just keep trying.