The Only Time I Enjoyed Reading

Ty Berg 9/27/16
Narrative Essay English 122

One of the only times I ever really enjoyed reading was in the 5th grade. This moment was important because it shows that there was a time in my life in which I enjoyed reading. Before that moment I disliked reading, and after that moment, to this day, I still dislike reading. The reason I was in the position of reading in the first place was because I was grounded for three months, and it was the only thing available to do; I was always reading in my room since I wasn’t allowed anywhere else. I felt isolated at first, but that changed over time as I began to read. 
 I chose a book that my teacher had been reading in our library class to us. This book was called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief; it’s about the Greek gods and their mortal children, which peaked my interest. So when I was told the only thing I could do was read, I decided to continue with that. At first, it was hard to get into the book, but after a couple days of reading, I got into it and actually looked forward to reading it. The rate at which I read did not increase; I was still reading a little more than a chapter a day. When I read, I usually have to go back and reread sentences over and over again, because i’ll catch myself spacing out while reading and have no recollection of what I just read. Usually, that would make me mad, but in this case I didn’t notice because I was so into the book. So what felt like a half an hour turned into 3 hours without me knowing; it helped pass the time of my grounding. Before now, the idea of time passing fast came only when playing video games such as Minecraft or Call of Duty: Zombies. Both games are dangerous in the sense that you can lose track of time while playing them. It feels like it’s been very little time because you’ve done very little in the game, but in reality time has flown by, and it’s now 5 hours later. However, now I lost time to reading as well as when I played video games.
 That was not the case this time, this time I enjoyed what I was reading so I was engaged and interested in what I was reading. It was all about how the son of the god poseidon set out on a quest to save his mom by finding zeus great lightning bolt. After about two weeks of reading I finished that book but was actually left disappointed. The next day when I gave the book back to my mom she asked me if I wanted the other three……OF COURSE I did but I didn’t want my mom catching on that I enjoyed it. So I simply said “sure”, also because then I would be like my twin sister Montana who loves reading and of course I didn’t like her so didn’t want to be anything like her. I didn’t like my sisters because at the time I was just a bad little kid and didn’t really like anyone. The thing that made it more exciting is that I knew I was going to get them the next day for sure because my mom worked at a library.
 As soon as the books came I dug right into them with excitement and curiosity as to what was going to happen next. Each chapter I read left me even more excited for the one ahead of it. If I was in the middle of reading a chapter and was called to do something I would actually get upset, this usually only happened when I was eating or playing video games. For some reason I was getting as much joy from reading as I was from playing video games. Each time I finished a book I was a little disappointed because I knew that I was that much closer to being done. When I finished the last book I was super sad it was over it was like finishing the Harry Potter movies. 
 When I finished all the books it had been about two months. I handed them back to my mom and she told me because I had no trouble within that time that I could be ungrounded a month early. As soon as my mom said that I still wasn’t as happy as I would have been because I had finished the series. But at the end of it all reading helped me get through a long time of nothing and kept me entertained. I got to experience what my sister feels all the time and that made me want to read more. After being ungrounded I tried to get into another book series but after the first few chapters I quickly lost interest because I had all the things back that had been taken away for two months.
 This experience helped me learn how it felt to actually like reading as well as kept me out of trouble. When the Percy Jackson movies of the series I read came out I was very excited but once I watched them they were nothing as what I pictured, which helped dig a deeper hole to my hatred for reading. I love watching movies and those movies were ruined all because I read the books. But I will never forget the positive experience I had with reading during such a tough time.Reading helped me get through a rough patch in my childhood and i’m grateful for that but to this day I still don’t enjoy it. I figure that the real reason I enjoyed reading is because it was literally my only option as to what I could do while being grounded but I was glad to get an insight of what it feels like to enjoy reading.