My First Favorite Book

It all starts with one book in kindergarten or first grade. For me, it was kindergarten. My reading skills surely were not even comparable to what they are now but that is what lit the match into my young obsession of reading. Today as a young adult I do a fair amount of reading however not nearly as much as my six year old self. I read countless amounts of picture books at nap time because back then, I did not savor sleep like I do today. Whether I would just look at the pictures or just make up stories in my head, I had a very strong liking towards books.

My First Favorite Book

My very first “favorite” book that I ever read (or in this case, sang) was “We All Sing with the Same Voice”. This book was a picture book as well as a sing along. It focused on the equality of children around the world. It was my absolute favorite book ever as well as my favorite song you could say. When my teacher Ms.Davin read my class this book, I fell in love. Often, I would borrow her copy and read it by myself. I could not get enough. Soon enough, my mom had bought me a copy of “We All Sing with the Same Voice” and I do not think I could be any more happier.

After reading this book front to cover countless amounts of time I had to start pushing myself to read books of higher grade levels. That’s when the Bearstean Bears and the Toad and the Frog came in. At least with these stories, I had a collection to pick from. A couple other picture books came and went as I grew up. I figured out I loved reading. As I grew older and got to grade two, I particularly enjoyed reading to other people not just myself. I guess it must have been the fact that I had aspirations to be a teacher when I was younger. Whatever the reason was, I could always be found in the book department of Walmart looking for new reads.

Grade three and four came and I was onto reading bigger and better and harder books. Like Junie B. Jones! Junie B. just so happened to be a favorite of mine and I related to Barbara Park’s novels about a pre teens life. Because I was so dedicated and interested in my reading at the time, I got the opportunity to read to Ms. Davins kindergarten class and to Mrs. Stella’s first grade class.

This made me feel like the coolest student ever. Of course now I had to find a book to read to these kids. Hoping these kids would appreciate Junie B. Jones as much as I did I decided that reading it to a bunch of restless kindergartners and first graders would be a great idea. Wrong. These kids had no interest in sitting through even a chapter of Junie B. Jones. Safe to say I did not finish reading them their first chapter book.

Now instead of reading to others, I figured my best bet was to read to myself. I quickly read most of the Junie B. books and was looking for something else to catch my interest. On a certain day while browsing the bookshelves at Walmart my mom suggested that I read the first Spiderwick book. Being a desperate kid just wanting to buy more and more books, I said yes and started reading it immediately. I was quickly interested in the science fantasy book and had my mom order me the other two in the series. I sped through them and once again was at a loss as to what I was suppose to read next.

In grade four, my best friend at the time, Anna, and I decided to become authors. We wrote three books and truly thought that this is how we were going to become famous writers. Now that I look back, our books were actually horrible but at the time, they were our prized possessions. Writing “Dream Adventures” with Anna had showed me that I enjoyed writing. This reading and writing obsession lasted until the end of fifth grade.

Then came the new daunting middle school. I had burnt out on reading and writing, maybe due to the fact that I over exerted myself on these stories that I was writing. Maybe I just had become bored with the constant theme of adventure and growing up that books made for my age group revolved around. First year of middle school, grade six, was the beginning to the end of my reading and writing obsession. I found it unacceptable to be reading younger level reading books and the higher level books did not catch my interest nearly as much. Something about reading books that were focused around my schoolwork and homework really deterred me from being an efficient reader. I found myself watching more TV and hanging out with all of my new middle school friends rather than reading and writing. I was simply burnt out.

I Mostly Remember Reading History Books in 6th Grade

Reading and writing was always a very big part of my life. Now that I have grown up however, I only like to write when necessary and I have become very selective of the books that I read. I think every child goes through the phase of becoming a reader and a writer. Some do not give up the obsession like I did. Some, stick with it for the rest of their lives but, I did not. Today, I enjoy reading like any other 18 year old kid. Finding a book that catches my interest is hard but once I find one, it in some ways relights the match. This match does not stay lit but at least the spark is not completely gone.

While keeping focus is hard, a good book always lights the match again

Today as a college student when given readings from my teachers, I find myself struggling to stay focused on the material. However, I know that in order to expand my knowledge and to progress as a student I must read these articles that I don’t find particularly interesting and I must find a way to appreciate and pay more attention to them. And, when I download a new murder mystery book on my nook, I do not lift my eyes from that small tablet. Younger Grace has not completely disappeared, she still shines through when reading the artificially lit words on her nook.