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Global Peace through Accessible Education and Technology

By Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

My name is Meladul Haq Ahmadzai and I am a #RisingYouth Alumni. My student e-resource project focused on sharing resources with about 30 youths in the Ottawa area on research skills to help them at school and with volunteering.

My background is in Computer/IT field and I am currently studying public health at the master’s level. I hold postgraduate degree in Global Health, office technology certificate, and a non-profit management certificate.

I moved to Canada at the age of nine years old with my family and younger siblings. Ever since, I have called this country my home. I graduated from school here and started my own computer business here in the city. My hometown Ottawa is a diverse city which includes people from all walks of life like different cultures and languages.

Thanks to the support received for my e-resource project, I have developed new partnerships in the Ottawa-South community. Through my TakingITGlobal initiative in 2020–2021, I was able to bring many youths from my area and as well from across Canada to participate in the funded project. I used my network that I developed in the non-profit sector and in the Computer/IT field to connect with like-minded young people.

My hobbies are walking, reading/writing, working on projects, and connecting with my community. When I wake up in the morning, I feel that I have a lot of energy more than before and I always look to weekdays instead of weekends because I get a lot done.

Global Peace for the Middle-East Youth (Israel and Palestine)

I am a strong supporter of peace through education. Today, I am sharing my story with you and how you can help me reach even more youths.

During the 11 days of conflict in Israel and Palestine, about 200 innocent lives were taken away. The middle-east youth need global peace more than anything else. I along with these affected youths see opportunities ahead and there is more hope to be optimistic about the future.

Recently, as we saw during the clash between Palestinians and Israeli youths fighting each other by force from Hamas command. With these youths, if equipped with the tools such as the resource that I developed and knowledge of computer use, there will be global peace.

No more will there be deaths or insecurity in the world once the power of education is realized.

What do the middle-east youth want? They want basic human rights such as every Canadian youth have:

  • Right to religious beliefs
  • Right to education
  • Right to peace and security

I believe that we can educate these youths whether they are in Israel or Palestine or in Afghanistan or anywhere else like Syria and Iraq. There is a strong desire in me to work for peace, and today I am raising this voice to share my story so that others can have a better future.

For peace,

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, Alumni TakingITGlobal 2021



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