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How #RisingYouth Alumni Are Tackling Human Rights Issues

A discussion with Nicholas Bauer and Meladul Ahmadzai

Nicholas Bauer

Nicholas Bauer organized an online and interactive event called ‘’Decolonizing Medicine: Indigenous perspectives on gender and health equity’’, in which he brought together a panel of Indigenous leaders, storytellers and healers share their perspectives on the current health status of the Indigenous community. Discussions were centered around the past and present of coerced sterilization, health accessibility barriers facing Indigenous communities, medical mistrust, and traditional modes of healing.

Meladul Ahmadzai

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Meladul Ahmadzai noticed a technological knowledge gap for some students; which made it hard for them to attend online classes and successfully complete their school work. He decided to offer those students personal workshops to share his knowledge with them and bridge the gap, effectively increasing their access to education during the pandemic. In partnership with other organizations, Meladul decided to expand this initiative and offer it nationwide through a combination of online and in person workshops — making sure to abide by COVID-19 safety restrictions throughout.



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