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Meet the Speakers of the #RisingYouth Showcase

Every year, #RisingYouth hosts an end of the year celebration to highlight the accomplishments and community impacts of the program Alumni.

On March 3rd alumnus, Chúk Odenigbo, is hosting the #RisingYouth Showcase. During this event we will hear directly from our youth through different mediums like the #RisingYouth Podcast, video capsules, and curated Q&A with our host, about their experiences with their projects. Youth will also touch on the mentorship, storytelling and leadership opportunities they’ve since been part of that are available for #RisingYouth Alumni.

Read more about these incredible youth below and be sure to register for the event HERE.

Alain Lavoie

Meet, Alain! Alain is a fourth-year student at the Université de Moncton. He very involved at his university, acting as the academic vice-president at the FÉÉCUM, a student society, and is the captain for his Cross-country university team. As the president of the Conseil Jeunesse de la CDR-Acadie, Alain aspires to be a promoter of financial education.

Alain encourages Francophone youth to share their stories as a #RisingYouth Video Capsule host and mentors them as a #RisingYouth info and ideation workshop facilitator.

Rebecca Seymour

Meet, Rebecca Seymour! Rebecca is a high school student in Cape Breton, and is one of the writers for the #RiZineYouth project! The #RiZineYouth project is a collaborative project between 6 program Alumni who are working in pairs to create a Zine around the theme “Why do youth drive change?”

She got involved with #RisingYouth with her school’s Social Justice Group, when she created sustainability bags to allow students to have the opportunity to live more sustainably regardless of cost. Writing has always been a big passion of hers, and taking part of #RiZine Youth project has helped her explore this passion!

Kehaya Febril

Meet, Kehaya! Since moving to Yellowknife in 2008 Kehaya has found the same love she had with the mountains back home in the Northern lights here. Kehaya is a young indigenous woman who is driven by passion to offer at-risk youth a safe space. Growing up with her mother working at a youth centre in Terrace B.C, she was able to see first hand how supportive relationships can be built.

Kehaya is an Alumni mentor, having ran multiple #RisingYouth Drop-Ins in Yellowknife. Having a mentor of her own after moving to the Northwest Territories, she also gained the understanding of how the mentor/mentee relationship can continue on into adulthood becoming a wonderful support and friendship. She believes strongly in all youth having the right to have all possible supports be available.

Rebecca Gibbons

Meet, Rebecca! Rebecca Gibbons is an Ottawa-based public health professional who enjoys working with others to build healthier communities. Last year, she created the Sandy Hill Poetry Project, where neighbours were invited to write a poem and record a reading of it, as a way to reflect on their pandemic experience.

As a #RisingYouth Alumni, she was honoured to share about the project as a Podcast guest. In her day job, she supports student mental health initiatives in post-secondary education, and has previously worked on projects focused on issues like access to nature and outdoor spaces, social isolation among older adults, and food insecurity. Rebecca holds a Master in Public Health degree from the University of British Columbia, and a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies from Queen’s University.

Event information

Date & Time: Thursday, March 3, 2022

3:30 PM Pacific time
4:30 PM Mountain Time
5:30 Central Time
6:30 PM Eastern Time
7:30 PM Atlantic Time
8:00 PM Newfoundland Time

This is an online event taking place on Zoom.
Register here: tigurl.org/ry-showcase




Inspirational stories of youth engagement in Canada

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