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#RisingYouth grantee Miriame Giroux in conversation with YEA Peyton Straker

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

How did you hear about #RisingYouth and what inspired you to apply?

We love Everybody’s Closet. Can you explain what your project is, how you came up with it and the purpose of it?

Resources like Everybody’s Closet make schools a safer place for all youth, especially Indigenous youth. Why do you think it’s important for services like this to be accessible in schools?

Why do you think it is important for Indigenous youth to be engaged in community service initiatives like #RisingYouth?

When did you first start doing community service work and why?

If Indigenous youth are interested in applying for a Rising Youth Community Service Grant but don’t know where to start, what are some cool project ideas that you might suggest?

You are an Indigenous youth leader in your community and we want to thank you for your volunteerism in the North. What helps you stay motivated to help your community?

Any final advice or suggestions for youth who are considering applying?



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