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RiskSwap Dev Diary: October 2021

Hey, community! In this article, we’d love to share with you the list of our October updates and November plans. October was a very fruitful month with many stunning features and announcements coming live. So let’s cover all of them!

October achievements


In October, the RiskSwap team released the perpetuals trading demo that is available for public testing at https://perp.riskswap.com. Early users that take part in testing and provide us with some really valuable feedback e.g. bugs or improvement suggestions will definitely be rewarded in the future.

Spot trading experience has been improved by charts: now, traders can easily see real-time prices of assets.


October was extremely fruitful in terms of new partnerships and collaborations. Namely, we have entered strategic partnerships with Serum, NEAR Protocol, and HAPI cybersecurity protocol.


Together with our analysts’ team, we have started a new bi-weekly Medium section devoted to the progress of decentralized derivatives trading platforms. Check our latest articles on the topic here.

The audience of RiskSwap followers and fans is organically growing reaching over 300 new members per week in all social networks. Though, the team is to increase these numbers by launching a few ads campaigns in November.

November plans


This month, the team plans to expand the perpetuals alpha functionality by adding an order book and multiple markets. Additionally, the team is working on implementing a liquidation engine, funding rates, and fees to the platform. All this will be a part of the mainnet version functionality.


In early November, the RiskSwap team was in Lisbon, attending the Solana Breakpoint event. That means new partnerships are on the way, so stay tuned!


In November, RiskSwap hosts two product marketing events: 20% trading fees off for spot traders, and $1,000 in SOL airdrop for spot users who share their experience on Twitter. Learn the rules and join today!

This event is accompanied by influence & CPC advertising campaigns, thus reaching more users globally.

If you feel passionate about the RiskSwap progress and want to stay tuned with all the latest news, just follow us on social networks: Telegram, Discord, or Twitter!




Spin Finance is the first decentralized trading platform allowing for both futures and options trading built on Solana.

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Spin is the first decentralized trading platform allowing for both futures and options trading built on Solana.

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