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RiskSwap. Introduction and Goals

RiskSwap is a premier multichain decentralized trading platform that enables frictionless, trustless, and censor-resistant interaction with underlying assets via financial instruments — called derivatives. RiskSwap encapsulates the orthodox financial derivatives from the equity market and seamlessly transitions it into the world of decentralized blockchain infrastructure permitting uninhibited trading of different futures contracts, perpetual futures contracts, and options contracts.

RiskSwap introduces retail traders of the digital currency market to the idea of utilizing derivatives as an instrument for hedging one’s risks, expedite or increase returns, and employ professional and expert acumen translated from the world of traditional finances. RiskSwap gives traders limited risk opportunities to get speculative exposure on crypto assets via price and volatility and gives market makers efficient capital usage by receiving fees and premiums.

RiskSwap is designed to operate in a cross-chain manner and open derivatives trading to a wider audience of crypto enthusiasts. The very first iteration of RiskSwap will, however, be integrated on Solana to promote, leverage, and activate our ambitions to create a premier derivatives trading platform. Solana represents the ultimate solution with its high throughput and scalable nature.


With the digital currency market reveling in the first stages of adoption, and retail-investor interest, there is a growing demand for a diverse set of hedging, and risk-gauging instruments. The goal of RiskSwap is thus to bring into the world one of the leading solutions for derivative trading that intrinsically operates within decentralized infrastructure with the Order Book trade execution model. With the Order Book model, RiskSwap will have the combined ease of execution of trade with the non-existent risk of frontrunning and other malicious trading practices.

Our goal is to minimize the risks of cryptocurrency trading by allowing users to hedge their positions with derivatives of underlying crypto assets. We are also striving to welcome more uninitiated traders into the platform and introduce them with the help of user-friendly, low-entry point UI/UX, to the unappreciated advantages of financial derivatives on the decentralized infrastructure of blockchain.

Because of the immediacy of Solana’s speed, high throughput of transactions (swaps), and absence of mempool — Solana laurels as the reigning victor in securing users from being exploited with most of the popular “trade attacks” such as flash loans, sandwiching, and frontrunning.

News and Updates

To keep up to date with the above products and latest releases, follow the links below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/risk_swap

Telegram group: https://t.me/riskswap_group



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