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How the ritestream Ecosystem Will Forever Change The Creation, Monetization And Distribution Of Film And Television Content

The images that might come to mind when envisioning an ecosystem likely involve a common, core characteristic: amazing individual components of a whole of one thing or another that create a life cycle of beneficence and abundance. Digital and visible ecosystems can be found around us all the time.

ritestream is a global marketplace and launchpad for the creation, monetization and distribution of film & television content. A curated filmverse in Web3, it incorporates a

Content Marketplace where content can be distributed and licensed, a Launchpad where creators can fund film & TV projects, an NFT Marketplace where celebrities can connect with fans, and an App to monetize content.

Our ecosystem consists of a network of interconnected systems working together to breathe life into creativity. Any ecosystem requires fuel to get them going — and content is ours. Let’s take a more in-depth look:


Our Launchpad is a community supported platform where ideas and entertainment projects are presented by creators and brought to life to begin generating revenue.

But don’t confuse it. The Launchpad is more than a crowd-funding podium and more of a virtual stage for industry bigwigs and individual investors alike to support projects they believe in or see as profitable. The Launchpad is a platform that gives everyone a voice.


Via ritestream’s revolutionary, revenue-generating Content-as-a-Service model, a monetized marketplace was formed, giving birth to a space where content is reimagined and can be easily distributable and monetized.

Creative ownership plays a key role in the ecosystem as creators share fractional ownership with those who’ve invested in the project via purchased tokens, called RITE coins.

There’s an age-old question on the tip of everyone’s lips when it comes to investing in anything: “how long until I start seeing the returns?”

ritestream’s model makes that answer clear: Now!

The tokens associated with each individual project become liquid investments, which can be immediately traded on the ritestream NFT Marketplace.

However, with any investment, as you likely already know — slow and steady wins the race. Holding onto your tokens until a project’s completion opens the door to limitless revenue opportunities.

Once the project is completed, it is minted in the form of a final NFT and distributed globally through ritestream’s marketplace platform. With worldwide distribution, the revenue generated will flow back to the creators and all levels of fractional owners, with additional revenue possibilities via the NFTs and other projects — all via the RITE coin.


That brings us to the ritestream App: a place where content can be viewed and interacted with on-demand. Audiences can rate and engage with content to earn more RITE coins.

The App elevates the viewing experience by going above the standard streaming app by allowing viewers to earn by viewing and engaging with content — does Netflix pay you to watch movies? ritestream will!!

RITE coins are more than just another crypto currency. This coin features a unique “view to earn” model, where fans can earn RITE coins by interacting with content. These coins can be used to view more content, fund projects or even purchase NFTs.

Finally, the opportunity to capitalize on all the meme and cat clips we watch. With over 82,000 hours of content, the opportunity to capitalize is abundant and still growing. Data collected from the app will continue to fuel the ritestream ecosystem by providing critical viewer opinions, with the potential to facilitate revenue through advertising.

Learn how a producer could use ritestream to fund his latest project + his plans for future revenue:


ritestream in Action: How a Producer Could Potentially Leverage the Launchpad

After pitching a five million dollar, 10-episode series (Guardians of the Planet) to broadcasters, studios and sponsors over five years and being turned down for funding — despite rave feedback — I’d nearly given up, until I discovered ritestream.

Now, my project can be funded by the community on the ritestream launchpad and all the people that contribute will get a share of the revenues generated by this show for decades to come. ritestream makes this all very transparent, with funding and facilitation occurring via the blockchain and through smart contracts.

Each person that contributes will do so by purchasing RITE coins and investing using them to purchase a number of “Guardians” tokens — representing their contribution and ownership of the project.

What most excites me is the potential. All it takes is someone like Elon Musk becoming attached to this project after funding! The value of the Guardians tokens will increase a 100x, allowing the fractional owners of this token the option to liquidate their investment even before the show is produced!

Once the show is produced, the show will broadcast on a network of partners who subscribe to the ritestream marketplace (over 40 such partners at the time of writing) reaching hundreds of millions of viewers. The revenues generated flow back to the fractional owners on the blockchain via smart contracts.

The show will also be available for viewing via the ritestream App, where viewers can pay $1 equivalent to watch the show. While watching the show, a little RITE coin appears at the bottom of the screen and the viewer clicks on it and answers a simple question (e.g. do you think this featured startup for clean water should get funding from Elon Musk?).

Once a viewer answers “yes” or “no” the question, they earn RITE coins, deposited into their wallet.

Finally, as a producer, I have the opportunity to take an iconic scene from the show, and collaborate (with the likes of Elon Musk, for example) to create a 3D NFT of an image or scene from the show with 50,000 iterations of the Guardians logo. This NFT becomes available for purchase through the ritestream NFT marketplace. When done, revenues generated flow back to the fractional owners of Guardians of the Planet! The technology and model will revolutionize how we invest in, stream and engage with content AND how we earn money from it.


Can you imagine? This revolutionary eco-system for funding, monetization and enabling the consumption of Film and TV content for creators, investors and fans! A platform that leverages blockchain technology and exploits new revenue sources in Web3 such as streaming content in the Metaverse and NFT’s!

Interested in knowing more?

Please join our Discord and our Telegram Group: Also, check out all the innovating things we’re up to via our website!



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