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Introducing the Cryptocurrency of Creators: RITE Coin will Power the Launchpad for Film & TV Projects

Cryptocurrency used to be a mere futuristic notion for the dreamers and big thinkers. Kinda like holograms, self-driving cars and UFOs. Well, in case you’ve been living under a rock: the future has arrived.

And the future is here for everyone — from blue collar citizens to the artists and creators of the world — and not just visionary thinkers like Elon Musk or Satoshi Nakamoto (inventor of Bitcoin and blockchain).

So when ritestream — the platform dedicated to the creation and monetization of film and tv NFTs created its Launchpad, it was a no-brainer that it come with the invention of the RITE coin to allow users to exclusively invest in and interact with projects on the platform.

With ritestream being a curated filmverse in Web3 (empowering artists, celebrities and entertainers to monetize and distribute film & tv content using blockchain technology and NFTs), the RITE coin becomes the crypto of creators.

RITE coins reinvent how film and tv projects can be monetized throughout the different stages of projects, and the unique utility of the RITE coin is like an exciting wheel of fortune for those utilizing the ritestream Launchpad.


The momentum behind the RITE coin is ritestream’s innovative “token” approach to cryptocurrency, investing, and usage. Let’s explore the versatility of the token and how it makes RITE coin stand out against other cryptocurrencies.

The journey of the token sparks to life with the creator and is propelled via the Launchpad when a film or television project is posted for funding by the community.

When placed on the Launchpad, the project is branded with its own unique token — these are purchased by investors using RITE coins. These tokens are the currency for each individual project and represent ownership interest in the film or tv series being produced.


With any investment, people yearn to see an early return, and the token approach makes that possible. The tokens are tradable on the ritestream Marketplace and can appreciate in value even before the project is completed.

Appreciation can be attributed to celebrity endorsements, expanded funding, or major network involvement.


You’re probably thinking “how do we get some tokens?”

And the answer is: easily.

Tokens representing ownership interest in any of the films or tv shows being produced on the ritesteam Launchpad can be easily purchased on the ritestream Marketplace using RITE coins as currency. It’s as simple as watching tv …. in fact, that’s one of the ways to earn additional RITE coins! Coins can be earned simply by watching content via the ritestream App: coins are awarded for various interactions such as rating the show or answering questions about specific scenes. That whole “content as a service” concept should be making more and more sense.

By viewing and rating content with ritestream’s “watch-to-earn” model, audiences can accumulate RITE coins — which can be used to watch more content, or invest in projects being produced on the Launchpad. Fancy being one of the first to try revolutionary products like what we’re talking about right now? In our world, that earns you more tokens! Be one of the first million downloaders of the ritestream App, and receive 10 free tokens!


The versatility of RITE coins extends beyond investment in startup projects and can be used to invest in real revenue generating NFTs on the platform.

The ecosystem of the token is what makes the RITE coin so innovative. Use them to watch content, and earn more by rating the content you just watched! That brings the experience full circle, exactly like a living, breathing ecosystem.


The tokenomics are not solely advantageous for consumers, as networks and producers also stand to gain rewards. Premium producers and directors will be incentivized with tokens to join the ecosystem. This goes for streaming networks as well; they can invest in projects right alongside the community using the ritestream Launchpad.


Creators and filmmakers place their project idea on the ritestream Launchpad where the community will fund it via a native token — a RITE coin.

Each investor will hold fractional ownership in the project represented by the number of project tokens purchased.

  • For example, the different tiers of ownership could look like this: a $500 tier, a $1,000 tier, a $10,000 tier or even a $100,000 tier and so on. Tier levels will have different ownership rights, i.e., larger tiers could get access to specially curated NFTs from the project, or even receive an “Executive Producer” credit on the film.

Investors can range from individual investors to major institutions.

  • For example, if the creator of a project previously hosted on Netflix decides to do their next project on ritestream, Netflix could be an investor alongside the community.

Tokens purchased for each film project can be traded on the ritestream Marketplace during the film’s production. Traditionally, if you invest in a film project, it could take YEARS to earn any sort of return. This model feeds the yearn for that instant return.

Once the project is completed, it is minted in the form of a final NFT and distributed globally. Each investor is considered a fractional owner of the NFT and will benefit from the project’s revenue alongside the creator.

As part of the production process, the creator can curate bonus content that will be minted as separate NFTs, post-production. These can be sold to collectors and traded, with additional revenues flowing to the creator and investors.


There will be numerous NFTs from each project — the film itself, specially curated scenes, extras, interviews with the actors, celebrity NFTs, etc. Higher-tier investors will be the only ones with rights to access some of the specially curated scenes.


Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there are multiple ways to earn RITE coins, besides purchasing with fiat currency. Revenue generated from the projects are paid in RITE coins and the coins will continue to circulate as a payment vehicle to watch content, buy NFTs and invest in more film projects.

Like we said: the RITE coin is the future of cryptocurrency, and it’s happening right now.

Consider the opportunity you just downloaded into your awareness: revenues generated from curating films in the metaverse will someday exceed those developed in the real world. Will you be reaping the rewards, or wishing you invested?

ritestream is on a mission to forever change the way content is monetized, streamed, shared and consumed. Are you coming with us? To learn more about how we’re empowering creators, visit ritestream.io.

We’d love it if you joined our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RJPj522Qccand our Telegram Group: https://t.me/ritestream to keep up on the latest happenings.



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