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ritestream: Meet the Minds Behind the Revolutionary Filmverse in Web3

Imagine a community-supported ecosystem where ideas and entertainment projects can be brought to life and generate revenue streams in the Metaverse!

Step into a world where creators can bring their film and television projects to life in a matter of days.

Meet the visionaries behind this revolutionary curated Filmverse in Web3, and discover how ritestream is positioned to give Netflix and other streaming services a run for their money!

Riaz Mehta | CEO & Founder

A serial entrepreneur and Emmy Award nominee, ritestream’s CEO and Founder, Riaz Mehta, has led an impressive career as an innovator and pioneer in the entertainment and tech industry for more than 20 years, spanning 50 countries and several major networks.

As a self-described problem solver, Riaz is an innovator who is committed to redefining how business is conducted in the entertainment space while improving lives.

Having spent the last several years creating allrites, he is currently most passionate about the work he and his team are doing to get content back in the hands of the creators. Think: an innovative online marketplace for buying and selling film, TV, and Sports content rights.

If his past success launching Imagine Group in 2004 — with the sole goal to be the leading media outlet in Asia (resulting in winning multiple Asian TV Awards and being nominated for an International Emmy Award) — is any indicator of where Riaz will take ritestream, we’d say the future of the company is in good hands.

He created ritestream with the goal of maximizing the efficiency of creators seeking to get their content in the hands of those with the capability to broadcast it. ritestream is already making significant traction, growing at 10%, MoM.

With multiple TV and reality shows being successfully broadcast under Riaz’s guidance, and a track record for a successful, proactive entrepreneurial career (KAZ Group, Imagine Group and now ritestream), he is making it his mission to make great content available to consumers across the globe.

Damian Miles | CTO & Co-founder

Damian, currently the CTO and Co-Founder of ritestream, forged an expansive career as a founder and CEO of multiple successful companies in the media industry including EditShare, Screen Showcase and VDYO, helping to cultivate the collaboration, sharing and creation of digital media.

Prior to his elaborate entrepreneurial career, he held substantial leadership roles and senior management positions with the likes of Seven Network and National Geographic, Asia and was a renowned and successful freelancer.

This led him to his most recent endeavor: co-founding ritestream to transform content delivery and accessibility for creators and entertainers worldwide.

Damian immediately recognized the innovation and potential of a streaming platform that gives decision-making power to its creators while simultaneously expanding access to content to its users, collectors and broadcasters alike.

In his 25+ years of elevating the platforms that media producers use to collaborate, securely distribute content and maximize creativity, Damian has fueled his entrepreneurial appetite by creating and launching several groundbreaking companies within the Media Management industry.

His role at ritestream is to fuel the efficiency of the search for new film, TV and sports-related content on a global scale — an endeavor well on its way!

I love what technology can do to power the creator economy, and I want to be the one to break that ground.

Eddy Tan | SVP Global Studio Partnerships

Eddy joined the ritestream team in 2020 as the Senior Vice President of Global Studio Partnerships where he gets to flex his 15 years of leading industry experience to direct, inspire and grow a talented team of creatives.

He is the bridge that connects meaningful partnerships between ritestream and international branding studios to expand the company’s global business opportunities. His expertise centers around strategic content, marketing, productions and business advice to global content buyers, particularly OTT operators.

He uses his analytical mindset and leadership skills to take globally obtained knowledge and propel great content, making it available to all areas of the globe. He single handedly spearheads a team of global innovators with a central mission of putting the power of content back into the hands of the creators.

Eddy has been recognized for his outstanding work both as a content strategist and global media expert by many of the world’s leading media and broadcast companies. His impressive resume boasts lengthy positions with The Walt Disney Company (where he was awarded for the Disney Internal Executive Training Program), Turner Broadcasting Group, NBC Universal, the Hallmark Channel and Fox Networks Group.

He is a frequent guest lecturer at his Alma Mater, the University of Toronto, and other universities. He has also served as a mentor at Goldman Sachs. Apart from being a leader in the equal education movement, he is most proud of his charitable contributions. In 2014, he founded Joy Media Charity, a charity that offers a 360 media platform that assists people with disabilities to create arts and programs that can aid in job search and income opportunities.

“ritestream is pushing boundaries for future media development, leading the cultural changes in entertainment. ritestream’s vision of convenience to content seekers inspires me and allows me to utilize the skills I have acquired in my 25 years in the global media industry. I’m thrilled to be part of this leading team”

Nathalie Morley | CCO

Nathalie is our Chief Content Officer, responsible for leading acquisitions and content strategies that drive sales for upcoming global markets. She manages more than 80,000 hours of content with over 4,000 facilitators that cross all genres and territories via the ritestream launchpad.

In her 20 plus years of experience in creating, producing and trailblazing content across multiple territories she has optimized her expertise in content management. She co-founded VIZUA Entertainment, a professional, multi-purpose 3D content collaborative platform.

Nathalie gained notoriety while working as the Chief Creative Officer at Fashion TV from 1997 until 2009. While at Fashion TV, she was tasked with content promotion with viewership in more than 150 countries, accounting for 400 million viewers worldwide. This experience led her to her role at Trace, where she excelled as the Chief Content Officer, beginning in 2010 and commencing in 2020.

Michael Toedman | CRO

Michael is an esteemed leader in global media and amongst advertising executives. His experience spans global markets including Europe, Asia and the USA. He is an industry leader in digital strategy, content and marketing, with a proven track record of delivering revenue in large enterprises. As the Chief Revenue Officer at ritestream, he oversees global sales and marketing and business development to drive business acceleration for the business.

He successfully launched Soho Syndicate, an independent consulting business for international media, innovative marketing, and commercial strategy for market entry and revenue acceleration for digital and media businesses.

Michael has also held senior commercial roles most recently as CEO (APAC) at Kantar Media (WPP), and at BusinessWeek where he served as VP, International Business Development and VP — International Managing Director. Michael oversaw commercial leadership, international operational sales and marketing, and spearheaded the transition to digital to drive revenue expansion.

Michael is an industry leader who has served on the global board of the International Advertising Association (IAA), as President of the IAA in the UK and Hong Kong, and as consultant/advisor to many other major industry associations.

Lucas Cullen | DLTx, Visionary

Lucas has earned a reputation as a power player in the tech industry with extensive experience in the development of the Blockchain, Crypto and Bitcoin industries. He is well known for his work at the Bank of Queensland and Bitcoin Brisbane, while also boasting an impressive freelance career.

A full-stack developer with a strong mathematical background and sound understanding of cryptographic algorithms, his foresight and understanding into the capabilities of blockchain led him to be an early pioneer of Blockchain technology.

Lucas’ latest venture is serving as a visionary for ritestream, where he plays a key role in the advancement and expansion of NFTs. Through his commitment to the development of Blockchain, Crypto and NFTs, he is innovating in the entertainment industry via the universal use of NFTs. This revolutionizing technology he is curating will ease the points between creator, broadcaster and distribution.

Having spoken at numerous conferences and served as a member of the board for Blockchain Australia as well as the Bitcoin Association of Australia, his recent accolades include winning the Deloitte / Consensus Blockchain Hackathon in New York.

David Pipe | CMO

David Pipe is a career marketing professional with 25 years of impressive experience developing and marketing technology products and services internationally. His expertise has a strategic focus in FinTech, Blockchain Technology and NFT maturity.

As the Chief Marketing Officer for ritestream, David uses this expansive marketing expertise to help transform the creative and entertainment industry, overseeing marketing and brand management, agency management including advertising and PR and campaign design & execution.

He is a multiple startup veteran, implementing the knowledge he’s gained in his reputable experience in the financial and banking industries in every new endeavor. David’s prior roles include VP of the Business Banking Group of Wells Fargo, Head of Business Innovations for JP Morgan Chase, Australia and global Chief Marketing Officer for Powa Technologies.

His experience at some of the biggest FinTech companies in the industry including IDEMIA, Vaccumlabs, and PingPong Payments was garnered via his own startup, David Pipe Global Consulting LTD, a consulting firm he founded that focuses on Global Marketing in the USA, Europe and Asia, specializing in eCommerce, FinTech and Blockchain/NFT.

2022 will be the year of the NFT, and ritestream is perfectly positioned at the inflection point of this trend. I’m delighted to be part of the first curated filmverse in Web3!


ritestream is an innovative content launchpad doing for movies and television what Axie Infinity did for gaming! Created with a unified vision to democratize the creator economy.

Founded in 2017

Proven Traction: $6mm ARR (2021), growing at 10%, MoM

80,000+ hours of content

5,000+ customers

A global team of 30+ led by senior execs from:

  • Fox
  • Disney
  • Fashion Television

ritestream is on a mission to forever change the way content is monetized, streamed, shared and consumed. Are you coming with us? To learn more about the masterminds behind ritestream or how the company is revolutionizing the industry, visit ritestream.io.

Please join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RJPj522Qcc

and our Telegram Group: https://t.me/ritestream



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