Incentivized Testnet Launch | Powered by Mantle Network

Akash Gaurav
Rivera Money
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2 min readJul 14, 2023


Next-gen ALM with risk-optimized market-making strategies is live on testnet.

Rivera Incentivized Testnet is Live. Powered by Mantle Network.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Rivera Money’s Incentivized Testnet, an extraordinary opportunity for our community to actively shape the future of our protocol. We have witnessed an overwhelming response from our community since the inception of Rivera Money, and we are immensely grateful for your unwavering support.

As we embark on this exciting journey together, we invite you to be part of our testnet and help us build a robust and user-friendly platform.

What is an incentivized testnet?

The Incentivized Testnet is our way of recognizing and rewarding the invaluable contributions of our early users and community members. You, our community, play a pivotal role in identifying bugs, suggesting enhancements, and providing valuable feedback that will make Rivera Money even better. We firmly believe that a protocol built for the community should always listen to the voices of its members.

How can you join the testnet?

To participate in our incentivized testnet, we have organized it through the Zealy (formerly known as Crew3) platform.

Simply follow the link here to get started:

Goals of the Incentivized Testnet

  • Bug and error discovery
  • User-friendly enhancements
  • Rigorous functionality testing
  • Stress testing with bots & scripts

Getting Started with the Testnet

Add Mantle Testnet to your Metamask

1. Visit

2. Click on Connect Wallet button of Mantle Testnet.

3. Connect wallet on

4. Click on “Add to Metamask” to add Mantle Testnet

After adding the Mantle Testnet to your wallet, change the network in your MetaMask to Mantle Testnet.

Claim Testnet Tokens from FusionX Faucet

1. Head over to our partner FusionX Finance website, to receive the following tokens in your wallet: BIT, USDC, USDT, DAI.

2. Click on the “Send Tweet” button, which will redirect you to your Twitter account.

3. After tweeting, click on the “Verify Tweet” button to enable the “Get Testnet Tokens” button.

4. Enter your wallet address in the provided textbox and click on “Get Testnet Tokens.”

Once the tokens are successfully sent, you will receive a confirmation dialog.

Start testing at

Congratulations! You are now equipped to start testing and exploring the various features of Rivera Money. Check out our Zealy quests and watch out for the new and exciting testnet tasks we will release on the platform.

Remember to safeguard access to your test wallet, as you may be in for a delightful surprise after the mainnet launch.

Together, let’s build the future of liquidity management!

Join the Rivera Money community today and become an essential part of our journey toward revolutionizing the financial landscape. Stay tuned for exciting updates and developments as we progress toward the mainnet launch.