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Five high-tech nearshore companies from Costa Rica

Nike, Corvette, DocuSign and more than 1000 brands trust in Costa Rica as a high-tech nearshore paradise. Let’s see 5 leader companies in some different niches.

One common thing in these companies is their Hyperniche focus services. Hyperniche is one of the best strategic decisions we can make in the service field development.

Costa Rica is a leader in high-quality services from software development to hardware manufacturing.

Canu Studio

Canu is a game development studio focus on AA games and small games for brands. Canu is the creator of Lithium a horror video game for Playstation and famous in the Steam platform.

Lithium Inmate 39

If there is something that characterizes this studio is his spectacular level design. Canu has maybe the biggest portfolio of advergames (small games for brand awareness).

With a full-time team designing innovative game mechanics and focus in level design.

We are having fun telling a story like no other, pushing ourselves to new levels and challenging everyone on the team to amazing the gamers all around the world. We promise to keep you posted! Marlon Cascante CEO

What’s next for Canu? They are working with River a nearshore sales accelerator firm focus in increase U.S customers in the niche of advergames. Brands can acquire high-quality games with 25% cheaper than other U.S brands with a strong portfolio of +60 games.

WAM Digital

Maybe you did not heart about WAM but this digital development company is growing like the Pavones beach waves. (google it).

With more than 10 years in the market, Wam has an amazing portfolio of brands like Nike, Mcdonald, Audi, and Lego.

Wam is making high-level development in areas like digital marketing and web development. They are focusing on e-commerce and that’s why they are partners of Gorilla Group one of the biggest groups of commerce companies in the United States.

“In our search for new production partners I met with WAM on a whim. It seemed their attention to creative detail could make a great fit for our pixel perfect art directors, so we did a test project with them. Our team was blown away at the extra mile they took the creative.” - Eric Kozak, Senior Digital Producer at Duncan / Channon

For River, the future of WAM looks great since the COVID19 and remote work start a trend of e-commerce consumption. This will be one giant company soon!


Not all is just bits and bytes. Costa Rica has a new but experienced Aerospatial manufacturing cluster with companies serving U.S brands.

Manufacturing Shop

PREINSA is one great example established in 2002 and specialized in high precision machining this workshop serves for clients like Corvette and more high-tech brands.

Since 15 years ago PREINSA has been supplying high-precision machining parts in the metalworking cluster for companies in the automotive sector, ground support equipment and tooling for aerospace, electronics, and professional studio and camera support equipment components.

Professional studio and camera support equipment components

With a world-class on-time delivery and at prices that produce sustainable prosperity PREINSA will be in next months one of the well-know machine shops in Latam.

We work for premium companies like Corvette and other U.S brands. Our machine shop has innovative machines like the MAZAK VERTICAL 5X or the OKUMAs. Rafael General Manager

*There is an amazing job from Ticoelectronics a leader manufacturing company and partner of PREINSA.


Focus on e-learning platforms Edify has built one of the best places to work in all Costa Rica. Edify has a lot of experience working for educational platforms like HotChalk, Kaplan, EdReady and more.

Edify provides insight and expertise to collaboratively build great educational software. They have a great depth of understanding of the education sector so companies won't need expert time with explanations and functionality conversations.

We are growing fast with a expertise in a increasing niche like e-learning. Federico Hess CEO

Hotchalk and Edify worked together to create Hotchalk Ember, a three-part application suite tailored to the unique challenges of the business.

Hotchalk Ember LMS is a learning management system solution based on the popular opensource Canvas LMS project. Ember LMS features include improved discussion boards, course sectioning, and assessment functionality, and a number of SIS and authentication integrations with University partner systems.


With an innovative inside educational program of mentor-apprentice Pernix develops amazing crafted software for companies like Intel, HP Inc, Docusign, Brinks Security, Hello College (helping students and parents successfully navigate the college admissions process), Partners for Achievement (Educate Empower Achieve), MyAbakis (Autism ABA Program Management Software), Flatirons Digital Innovations (Solve complex content and data management challenges), Crakn (funeral home software).

Through our apprenticeship program, our workforce has been trained on startup’s real projects. Carlos Sirias CEO

The name Pernix comes from the Latin word that means “with Agility”. Focus in Small and Mid-sized companies Pernix is one of the best nearshore development software with high knowledge in Ruby on Rails and Angular.

Rank with 5 starts ⭐ in Clutch Pernix is one of the best-ranked company in their lists.

Pernix's future looks amazing this company is investing more and more in their Apprentice program building a strong workforce specialized in modern languages and frameworks like Angular.

Nearshore in Costa Rica is a great way to reduce costs without sacrifice the quality and your U.S inhouse culture.

For this reason, River is supporting nearshore development companies like Canu, Pernix, Wam, and others to help U.S brands in their quest for high-tech development.

Contact us richard@riverfirm.com




River helps small and mid-size U.S companies to connect with the best high-tech service providers in Costa Rica

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