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The Uniqueness of Your Rivermen

Engaging into the BianRiverse | Rivermen NFT

Appearance, Am I Special?

Rivermen has many properties, such as hat, head, jacket, shoes, trousers, type, and more can be fully viewed on Opensea. Among these properties, we usually think heads are the most important ones, while hats may be the second due to their attractiveness. Ranks can be viewed on Rarity.tools.

Examples of unique Rivermen styles

Occupations, the Hidden Property

While occupations are not listed in properties on Opensea, they are super important as well. Unlike some other NFTs named by series number, each Rivermen NFT has a name or title as its occupation. There are 202 different occupations and each one represents a character in Qingming Shanghe Tu.

Synthesis, Core of the Game

In BianRiverse, there are a total number of 11 universes. One is the Main Universe, named The Lord of the Space, and will be on auction soon. The other parallel 10 universes, called the WHOLE, will be synthesized by Rivermen pawn NFTs.



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