What We Do

The Riverside School has designed and implemented a unique curriculum that offers schools an inclusive user centered model of education focusing on quality of learning AND student well-being. Our approach to education has been recognized internationally for its academic achievement as well as its unique philosophy of . Riverside ‘Doing Good AND Doing Well’ School’s achievement stands as a testimonial to a true 21st century model, empowering students with both hard & so skills critical for success in the new economy. Reflection its focus on rigor and relevance, its students consistently outperform top 10 schools in India.
Over the past , the Riverside Learning Center has shared Riverside’s practice with more than 600 teachers who 15 years have participated in its teacher certification programs. We have successfully worked with more than 60 schools & school leaders as part of our ’School Transformation Package’ & ‘School Leader Certification’ programs to adapt our model to a range of economic and cultural contexts, demonstration that well-rounded education does not mean ‘expensive’ education.