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Introducing the Rivex Wallet and WRDEX

The Rivex desktop Wallet and Rivex Decentralized Exchange

Dear Rivexians, it has been a busy month for Rivex. The team has been working around the clock to deliver the WRDEX before the end of December as promised. Today we would like to share a preview with our community before we release our final products. Any testers interested, read to the end!

Rivex Desktop Wallet

The wallet overview screen showing the total USD value of your combined Rivex, Wanchain and Ethereum wallets. Quick send and Receive buttons, as well as a price chart, are shown here. Users can also add more supported assets (more will be added gradually) using the add more button.

The shared wallet account creation screen enables users to create or join an existing shared wallet. The idea of a shared wallet is similar to that of a multisig wallet. You can learn more about multisig wallets and the benefits of using one here.

Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet support are in the midst of integration. Users will be able to store their assets on a connected Ledger or Trezor for added security in the future.

Restore an existing wallet using mnemonic/seed phrase or direct private key import (only applicable to specific derivation paths we support and will only list the tokens supported by the wallet)

Settings tab where users can manage wallets, currency settings, network settings, edit their profiles and set up secure two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. Mobile wallets will support fingerprint recognition.


A preview of the WRDEX integrated with the Rivex Wallet. Users will be able to access the WRDEX from within the Rivex wallet or browser (browser wallet and Wanmask extensions supported)

Calling all testers

We are currently looking for people to test out our Rivex wallet and the WRDEX. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please reach out to us on our official telegram group https://t.me/RiveXOfficial or send us an email at info@rivex.io

About RiveX

RiveX is a chain agnostic interoperable layer-2 solution across different blockchain protocols. RiveX aims to empower the next generation of decentralized applications, decentralized finance and enterprise solutions. RiveX has comprehensive interoperable DeFi solutions such as RX Wallet which aims to integrate DAPPS from different blockchain protocols to enable an interoperable DeFi ecosystem within RX Wallet itself. The first DAPP which RX Wallet has already integrated is WRDEX. Another core product powered by RiveX is the world’s first cross-chain DEX called WRDEX.

👇 More about RiveX 👇

RX Wallet | WRDEX | Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | GitHub




Scalable Layer-2 On-Chain and Off-Chain Solutions

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Interoperable and Scalable Layer-2 Solutions

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