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RiveX January Recap

A recap on what RiveX has accomplished in the month of January

January has proved to be an incredibly productive month for the RiveX team working day and night in preparation for the WRDEX launch. With the quest coming to an end and the ongoing content creation competition, let’s take a look at what the RiveX team has accomplished this month!

RiveX Community Quest rounds 2–5 complete!

With the quest at an end, we would like to thank everyone who took part and added to this awesome experience! Many of you really enjoyed the various rounds we set up, from cybersecurity to the crypto space as a whole, some of you breezed through the challenging tasks and decryption puzzles with ease.

Ongoing Content Creation Competition reminder

Content creation plays a major role in the crypto space. Why? It visualizes ideas set out by projects. Visual communication is important since it portrays a message in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. We have allocated a $10,000 bounty in RVX tokens for content creators.

We are looking for community members who are great at writing articles, doing videos, creating Telegram stickers or Gifs as well as doing one-pager reviews of RiveX. We are open to any sort of content creation related to RiveX and/or the crypto industry as a whole. Learn more here.

Deadline for content creation submissions is 14th February 2020

Flash Quizzes

We are holding random flash quizzes on our official RiveX Telegram channel where we randomly ask questions for the community to answer. The first one to send the correct answer for each question wins $50 in RVX tokens.

Stay tuned for the Flash Quizzes, they will be at random times without any prior notice!

Spotlight articles from January

General Crypto Overview

What is blockchain technology?
Blockchain is a distributed ledger of transactions that can record not only financial transactions but virtually anything of value. Each block consists of a series of transactions managed by an infrastructure of distributed computers on a decentralized network. Each computer (node) holds a copy of the ledger in order to verify transactions. Each node is connected to each other while there is a constant exchange of blockchain data ensuring every node is up to date. There is no central governing authority controlling the network. Since the blockchain data is shared over an immutable ledger, the information contained is completely transparent and open for everyone to see. Read more here.

Cybersecurity & Data Leaks

What is cybersecurity and why is it important?
Cybersecurity is the protection of hardware devices, software, networks and data from cyber attackers. Cybersecurity can be defined as electronic information security with a goal of protecting against unauthorized access to personal or company data and can be divided into different categories. Read more here.

Decentralized Finance

What is DeFi?
DeFi is currently arising as one of the most popular topics in crypto. It is an abbreviation for decentralized finance. One referring to DeFi will usually think of digital assets and different financial smart contracts. Besides that, the phrase decentralized finance also stands for various protocols and decentralized applications, all mostly built on the Ethereum network. All in all, DeFi represents financial software, which is built on the blockchain. It is a system that offers different ways to develop and build financial tools and services, while being decentralized and with an ability to modify when needed. Read more here.

Calling all testers

We are currently looking for people to test out our Rivex wallet and the WRDEX. If you are interested in becoming a tester, please reach out to us on our official telegram group https://t.me/RiveXOfficial or send us an email at info@rivex.io

  • Phase one (WRDEX) complete — We received a lot of great feedback for the WRDEX web portal and have passed it on to the devs for improvement. Thank you to everyone who participated!
  • Phase two (RX Wallet) ongoing — Testing of the RX Wallet for Windows and macOS is currently ongoing, with some great feedback so far. Keep it coming!
  • Phase three (RX Mobile Wallet) still to come — Testing of the RX mobile wallet apps for both android and iOS will commence Monday the 17th of February.

About RiveX

RiveX is a chain agnostic interoperable layer-2 solution across different blockchain protocols. RiveX aims to empower the next generation of decentralized applications, decentralized finance and enterprise solutions. RiveX has comprehensive interoperable DeFi solutions such as RX Wallet which aims to integrate DAPPS from different blockchain protocols to enable an interoperable DeFi ecosystem within RX Wallet itself. The first DAPP which RX Wallet has already integrated is WRDEX. Another core product powered by RiveX is the world’s first cross-chain DEX called WRDEX.

👇 More about RiveX 👇

RX Wallet | WRDEX | Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | GitHub



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