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Streaming Wireline Data, Events, and Stage Post Job Reports


Live Demo — Interactive exploration of posted dashboards

Github — Build and run a complete demo

Rivitt is a Hardware as a Solution (HaaS) company streaming value from remote locations securely and directly to client clouds. These dashboards are built from raw data, event detection, and stage summaries from a Wireline unit. Rivitt enhances upstream oil and gas data with event detection and automated post job reports. Extract more value with less effort from your data with Rivitt. Enjoy the data charcuterie!

Dessert First

Alright you hungry animals, I know why you’re here. Juicy data dashboards. Just like my enlistment in the USMC, dessert comes first. Dig into these open sourced Grafana goodies. You can read the ingredients and regret your gluttony later. Up first, a multi-stage summary of pump down plug and perf post job reports, followed by a single-stage drill down. Yum.

Check out the live demo here.

Multi-stage Wireline Pumpdown Plug and Perf

Multi-stage wireline Pump Down Plug and Perf Post Job Report

Just imagine, you’re a local service coordinator or a global lead. “What are my crews up to today?” “How many stages have we run per region?” “Is the ratio of gun count to total stage duration a marketable ratio?” Each question you may quietly consider while enjoying the buzz of early morning caffeine.

What about stages that go wrong? Or near-misses? Let’s have a deeper look.

Single stage Wireline Pumpdown Plug and Perf

Single Stage Wireline Pump Down Plug and Perf Post Job Report

A single stage PRJ automates the reporting of duration, total depth, vertical depth, lateral depth, charges fired, and where the plug was set. Raw traces viewed in real-time or historically, recreate what the engineer watches on the shooting system. Perhaps you catch something the on-site engineer doesn’t. Real-time viewing and historical analysis are acrhimedian leadership levers. Modern problems require modern solutions. Coordinators, PSL managers, and Global Leads are digging into the day to day operations for safety measures and profitability increases. Accessing live feeds and analyzing historic performance is a keystone in building a data driven approach for business evolution.

Snap back to reality, ope there goes gravity

Wireline data have been undervalued compared to standard frac operations. Frac brings in big money, requiring vast amounts of coordination, and has the potential to kill the well before it begins producing. However, Wireline is the key to the money vault. Wireline perforating opens the communication channels between the formation and wellbore, allowing frac operations and production. No perforation, no production.

Digital transformation of upstream Oil and Gas is increasing the value of Wireline data everyday. Real-time viewing is an amazing feature that delivers immediate value. Coupled with aggregation and analysis, thousands of stages over different regions and various time intervals provides the statistical foundation for data driven decisions.

Thinking as an E&P, I want to channel Billy Beane from the Oakland Athletics baseball team. Moneyball baby! Given the conditions of an upcoming frac campaign, what operators have statistically outperformed in a given basin? Performance metrics like safety, misfire counts, non-productive time, and stages completed are quickly generated from the aggregated data and summarization of PJRs. Those companies suppling historical proof of performance will win more favor. Empirical trumps anecdotal and provides an edge to those companies adopting data aggregation and analysis best practices.

Direct delivery empowers creative business solutions

Streaming data from the edge directly to client infrastructure has it’s challenges, but once overcome, the possibilities are limited only by time and imagination. Free and licensed dashboard tools are widely available and support drag-and-drop models to analyze. No need for any fancy code work, just an ergonomic mouse and patience.

Why not just pay for a platform to do it all? PaaS solutions are saturating the market. These PaaS solutions stream your data into their proprietary cloud, build applications using your data, and up-sell your data and those applications back to you. If you have the money and no team or automated workflows, these can be great solutions. Lack in flexibility is offset by supplying standard analysis and visuals. However, if you have questions they are not able to answer from your data, you’re stuck! Don’t forget, somebody else is controlling your data. Just like crypto, if it’s not your keys, it’s not your data!

Rivitt’s solution has a higher activation energy for some companies, but provides the security and data flexibility that support real value add. Rivitt connects securely to AWS or Azure IoT solutions with x.509 certificates owned by the client. Data are streamed into the clients infrastructure where it becomes available to power workflows, answer the questions other platforms are not asking, and empower teams through data freedom. You and only you control the data.

Rivitt is more than raw data. Our computation engine is expanding weekly with new event detection and summary statistics. Post job reports can and should be automated. Rivitt is working to lower the barrier to entry for data collection throughout the space.



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