Learning from a super campus

Rethink the way we learn as a community

When building a city, schools were built to be the center of learning for communities. A source of collective wisdom, schools once inspired communities to learn and share knowledge to prosper and progress. However, with steep competition to drive better value for learners, education has now been commoditized and has since, lost its purpose from which its foundations were built upon.

Even the system in which schools were designed for, were meant for the challenges and opportunities of the industrial age. Education was designed to produce top executives when they graduate and fit into a business landscape that relied on predictability and efficiency to support routine and static jobs.

Meanwhile, the world as we know it is changing. Fuelled by relentless technological innovation, the world has become a giant network where instantly accessible information is shared rapidly. This accelerating connectivity has created an increasing rate of change with the future becoming more difficult to predict.

As we move into the digital age, this paradigm shift brings to us a new set of global challenges that demand us to find new ways to overcome it. New skill sets are necessary with one-third of the world’s jobs becoming obsolete by 2025.

The tension between how we learn as a community and the demands of the changing landscape has reached a breaking point. We need to rethink how communities learn and frame a new perspective on how we learn together to rise to the challenges of tomorrow.

Singapore as a Smart Nation

In order to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, Singapore understands the need to relook at how we progress as a nation. As a result, Singapore recently shared its vision to be a Smart Nation to support better living, create more opportunities and support stronger communities. While the infrastructures and policies are set into play, how can the community progress cohesively together?

As a community, Singapore offers diversity with a growing multicultural society, a melting pot of different races and religion which attracts some of the brightest minds in the world. A blend of a modern metropolis with Asian heritage, Singapore is an energetic city that shares many spaces to work, live and play. However, with the speed of growth in which Singapore is developing, there is a disconnect to the progress of the community and the Smart Nation vision. Beyond the “hard” infrastructures of Singapore’s recent developments, we need to enable the community to cultivate the “soft” aspects of progress by reframing a change of mindsets on adaptability.

What’s the problem?

Learning has become exclusive to educational institutions.
The value in formal education has become diluted with the digital age.
There is no easy way to navigate through personal learning.

Purpose: Start with Why

Our purpose is to enable communities to foster lifelong learning. Instead of earning a living, we believe to learn a living. We are obsessed with how the world learns and we want to inspire the value of learning as a social currency for communities to progress.

A platform that enables communities to learn a living.

We believe that communities offer a wealth of knowledge and experience that provides an abundant resource to enable learning. Everyone can contribute and be part of learning, not only exclusive to educational institutions. As each community has a unique set of challenges different from the other, how each community learns and grow has to scale cohesively within a sustainable learning environment.

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