#ThisIsMe: A Million Voices Project to Humanize Humanity. Tell Your Story to End the Dehumanization, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Biases.

Empathy brings equality. Trust and love bring empathy. Stories build trust and spread love. Let’s tell our stories.

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3 min readJun 5, 2020


It is a dark time in America. 2020 has shown that we still have a lot of progress to bring. We’re still so behind that many of us don’t even understand equality.

This post is not about equality or the lack of it. That is another post for another time. I’ve written about equality before and I’ll write about it again.

This post is about the Million Voices Project.

#ThisIsMe is a project to bring a million voices together to show that we are all human, albeit with different backgrounds and stories.

At Rizzle, we are creating a playlist to make these stories accessible worldwide. Whether you are already part of the Rizzle community or not, we invite you to add your voice and tell your story.

With social media echo chambers, we’ve lost track of the broader world and the life experiences of people. It’s time to bring it back. It’s time to share our stories.

Everyone has a life story worth telling. It is important to talk about who we are so that we understand each other better.

Understanding each other is the first step towards empathy. And empathy is the first step towards equality.

Capitalism (also a topic for another post another time) has led us to believe that sympathy is a sufficient substitute for empathy. But it’s not, for equality stems from empathy.

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America was built on the premise of inclusion and acceptance. But we lost our way. We can bring it back.

To bring it back, we need to start building empathy again. We can start by telling our stories and humanizing humanity all over again.

Let’s do it for our children. Let’s fight this battle now so our children don’t have to. Let’s tell our stories so our children can love each other.

Shared stories and experiences build trust and love. Trust and love bring empathy. Empathy leads to equality. Tell your story today. Listen to other people’s stories.

PS: We will soon have an option to upload your story directly to the Rizzle website, without having to get the app or make an account. I will update this post as soon as we enable that. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to thisisme@rizzle.tv for any questions.

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