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Trend Micro integrates Control Tower and Systems Manager Distributor with Cloud One security services platform

American-Japanese multinational cyber security software company — Trend Micro confirmed the integration of its Cloud One security services platform with two Amazon Web Services (AWS) packages — Control Tower and Systems Manager Distributor.

Sanjay Mehta — senior vice president of business development and alliances for Trend Micro, mentioned that they recognize how safety teams cannot always completely track the spin, configure and use of cloud instances around the enterprise. and that the knowledge of consumer needs and input fuels inventions and cooperation with AWS. But providing the company’s native plug in solutions with AWS offerings such as the Control Tower and Systems Manager will add visibility and automates consumer security to Trend Micro.

Trend Micro’s Cloud One offers an embedded web and containerized web app protection system to safeguard microservice apps in conventional, cloud or Kubernetes environments like Kubernetes and serverless functions. It can also automatically secure new and existing workloads even against unknown threats with techniques such as machine learning and virtual patching. When it comes to the pricing, in addition to their annual subscription choice, their software as a service (SaaS) offering provides an hourly pricing option, allowing you the ability to deploy quickly and efficiently in the cloud.

Image source — Trend Micro

The Control Tower is a native AWS service providing a presets of designs and regulators for customers to create a new AWS account’s “landing zone.” The service provides a simple, self-service set-up experience and an integrated user interface with regulators for continuous governance, according to the company. Accordingly, AWS Control Tower is the fastest way to set up and manage a modern, stable, multi-account AWS environment.

Image source — AWS

AWS Systems Manager Distributor is an AWS Systems Manager feature. It is used to store software packages, for example software agents, in AWS accounts safely and distributed. In order to simplify and scale the distribution, installation, and upgrade process, the distributed function integrates with existing functionality of the Systems Manager.

“AWS Systems Manager Distributor lets you package your own software — and find AWS-provided agent software packages, such as AmazonCloudWatchAgent, or third-party packages such as Trend Micro — to install on AWS Systems Manager managed instances. Distributor publishes resources, such as software packages, to AWS Systems Manager managed instances. Publishing a package advertises specific versions of the package’s document — a Systems Manager document that you create when you add the package in Distributor — to managed instances that you identify by managed instance IDs, AWS account IDs, tags, or an AWS Region.” — AWS.

This native integration ensures that the Cloud One platform will provide massive support for protecting the AWS infrastructure of its customers, be it via instances like Amazon Elastic Cloud (Amazon EC2) or AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, containers, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).



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