Chodrak Dawa — Character Introduction

My name is Chodrak Dawa. This is a Tibetan name that translates to Dharma- Spreader Moon. I am 26 years of age and I have travelled long distances to be where I am now. My family and relatives are established just north of the Pemakochung Monastery. My family is in charge of running the local farm, so I have been exposed to cattle from a young age. I have lived with them for most of my life. This is a time where I have no wife, nor do I have children. At the age of 20, I had decided it was time to renounce myself from worldly luxuries and undertake the path to enlightenment. I have dedicated my life to exploration and have been inspired by the elders in my home village to become a pilgrim. During my travels, I scaled steep mountains and narrow cliffs. After several near death experiences, I became inclined to learn the proper practice of medicine. If I was to continue on this pilgrimage, I would have to know how to heal myself if it ever became necessary.

I ended up spending a great deal of time in the Marpung Monastery, where I became a more qualified healer. A renowned monk of the area passed on to me generations of healing rituals and practices. I then found myself craving more; I wanted to become a doctor. I received my full qualifications from the same man. I specialize in Tibetan medicine. Using medicine made from herbs is a Tibetan practice, whereas the western practice of medicine might not.

I also spent a long time scavenging through dense forests for Pemako’s hidden beyuls. Successful in my endeavours, I came across the beautiful terrestrial paradise of Yangsang. It was filled with a myriad of fruit-bearing trees and an eternal spring of healing waters. The climate was temperate; I was neither too cold nor too warm, the air was pure and I believed this place to be the closest I would ever get to a worldly paradise.

After this, I made stops in several different villages and have experienced many different branches of tantric Buddhism. A lama once taught me a valuable lesson that I have since carried with me. This lesson was to “come with an empty cup”. I have accounted for everything that I have learned and still have a never-ending thirst for knowledge.

All of these adventures have brought me to where I am now: 14 000 feet up. I know few people from this region, but through them have heard rumours of an approaching hailstorm. . Hailstones the size of grapefruit are expected to fall from the sky. They are predicting an enormous loss of crop and the monastery is said to be in the midst of where the storm will hit. There will undoubtedly be terrible damage from this natural disaster I hope that others are preparing themselves adequately.

I am not sure whether this storm will be a natural disaster, or if someone has acted in a way so as to offend the local spirits. There are circulating rumours that it could be someone who has performed some black magic. In either case, I imagine that the ritualists are dealing with this matter and doing their part so as to reverse the damage done and restore the peace on to our village. As they are predicting heavy damage, I have prepared myself ahead of time in order to be able to help those who will be in need of medical assistance. I have taken extra precautions and have scavenged the surrounding area for valuable healing medicines and minerals. I feel that this is my duty as an adept.

While on my journey searching for valuables, I had crossed Deer Park. I stumbled upon a ritualist selling amulets. I inquired on their value and in which ways they would offer me protection from the storm. I did not receive a satisfactory explanation. I looked deeply into the vendors piercing black eyes and sensed falsehood in his intentions. I decided to save my earnings for a more pressing issue. I have purchased some building materials in order to fortify my current residence: the cave. Although the focus of my studies has been medicine, I am also looking to develop my skills as a builder. If I develop useful skills as a builder, I will be able to, if need be, help with the reconstruction of our village.

Preventatively, I have also performed some basic tantric rituals that the monk from the Marpung Monastery taught me. By doing this, I hope to appease the local spirits. Let them have mercy on the innocent people of our village, who will have to suffer the wrath of this storm.

It is unclear what the future holds for me in this village. I do not know if I will survive the storm. What I do know is that it is my duty as a part of this sangha to offer all the services I can, whether it is medicinal services or builders ones.