Introduction and First Week

Hi I am a trader and I have not always lived in our community. My family was in trades when I was young so we moved around a lot. I am a 22-year-old woman and I have no children or husband. I live in a house in the middle of the community to give me easy access to talk to everybody and see the people who come to our community. I have decided to move to this community to do trades with local healing remedies because people come from all over to see our healers. I plan to travel and bring these remedies and herbs to other communities as well as sell them to travelers that come to our community looking to be healed. I plan to trade crops, as well as there is always a need for food in every community. I plan to get many different secondary skills so I can be of use for many different things in our community in the case of problems arising.

I am nervous of the upcoming hailstorm because it could destroy my home, as well as have others put all of their money and trading abilities into getting their homes fixed if their homes get damaged. I also worry that because there is a rumor of a storm it could impact my travels to trade, and people coming here to trade for the local remedies we have. I will be going to trade in a neighbouring town and plan to return just before the hailstorm so I can do my best to protect my home. I am a bit of a skeptic on the powers of the amulets so I decided not to get them, they cost a lot of money compared to what I have, and what if they do not work it will be all for nothing. I also will not be in the village at the time we are able to get the amulets so my hope is that by not getting the amulets it will give me more money to help the community if something does happen.

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