New building plans for the village

That was such an amazing experience! All the dedication that the community provided in order to properly invite and welcome the lama to our village, was all worth it and went perfectly. I feel as if my outlook on life right now has changed, and I am so thankful for the lama to come.

I must say that the lama encompasses all that it means to be good. Many say that the Dalai Lama is a human embodiment of Avalokitesvara, and I’d say that the lama who came to visit is one as well. Avalokitesvara is the bodhisattva of compassion, who is called on for help and salvation in times of danger. The lama expressed his compassion for the next village and was impressed on how helpful our doctors had been during the naga epidemic. Therefore he donated funds to our community so that we can begin building a medicine factory! I am beyond happy about this news as I am going to be fortunate enough in the process of this new factory.

As a trader, specifically of medicinal products, I hope to be the one to make sure everything is being imported from their expeditions (to find the ingredients) into the factory and made to standard. From what I know, we need a wide-open space to be able to store the made medicine, in very large bags. These can be laid on top of each other in order to maximize the available space. We should also have an area where the medicine will be packaged individually to be shipped off to different clinics or hospitals.

We will need to have a building that has direct sunlight onto it. The roof is an essential part in the process of making medicine. Medicine balls are laid out in the sun to dry, on top of the roof. I’ve visited a factory that my second cousin works at in Peyul, and took some pictures of the process! Take a look!

Tibetan medicine is mainly focused on curing the patient as a whole. This means that the patient may not be physically ill, in the sense that they have a disease or are sick. But they want to heal the patient as well, like preventing any future problems. Our doctors are very skillful; they can sense what is wrong simply by our pulse, and our general appearance.

A few weeks ago I had a headache and my doctor gave me a precious pill called Rinchen Ratna Samphel, containing powdered pearl, metals, herbs and other ingredients. Like any Tibetan pill, it must be taken with boiling hot water, and for about 7 days refrain from eating pork, onion, spices and garlic! One also must refrain from physical activities, sleeping in the day time, taking cold baths and even having sex.

Talking about headaches makes me feel like a headache is coming on! Oh, I almost forgot, there are also mantras that go along with taking Tibetan medicine…

Om Namo Bhagawate Bhekhaze Guru Bendurya Prabha…..

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